How I almost got myself a ticket

So last week somebody stole our garbage can.  It’s not just any garbage can, it’s provided by our trash pick up company, Rumke, and you can only use that trash can to take trash to the curb.

I called Rumke to tell them somebody stole our trash can and they told us we would have to file a police report and they would replace it.  First, though, they said we had to look for the stolen can.  They gave us the serial number for our can (yeah, I know).  It’s nowhere to be found.

So yesterday I called the police department to file the report and they sent an officer to the house.  He starts taking my information and then asks me for my ID.  I start to get it out then I remembered….I haven’t updated my license for the last two moves.  It still has the address from the apartments I lived in last year.

Thinking quickly, I said, “The trash in my wife’s name.  Do you need hers instead?”  The officer said that he did and took her information instead. 

And THAT is how I saved myself from my own stupidity.

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4 Comments on How I almost got myself a ticket

  1. Bwa ha ha ha! 😀


  2. NEARLY hoist by your own petard there…

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  3. I am still reeling that your trash can has a serial number and you have to file a police report to get a new one. The various towns and counties around here have different trash arrangements but I’ve never heard that one. Is there a special trash police who take your info? Is that what happens to policemen who don’t go to heaven? Ha!

    Anyway, I know your feeling about changing lisence addresses. I was so far behind that I gave up. But then I misplaced my lisence and had to get another. They just asked my address and there was no charge. It was alot easier and with far less shame than I imagined. Of course, I don’t live where garbage cans are the realm of the police. Here it’s mostly raccoons that get in to the garbage that is the biggest problem. Pesky little varmints. They’ll knock over the cans, pop the lids and strew the garbage across the lawn. I tried calling the Raccoon Police but they wouldn’t come. Bwahahaha!


    • Well, the trash cans are owned by the garbage company. That’s why they requested a police report before giving us another. They will only pick trash up that is in their trash cans.


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