Feeling old

Well, today was the day.  The twins started 6th grade today, and are now officially in middle school.  Wow.

Over the years I’ve never looked this far into my future.  I never imagined what it would be like when they get to middle school or *shudders* high school.  The twins are generally really great kids and they do really well in school.  They both received four academic awards each at the end of last school year.  So I don’t know that it’s necessarily the fact the they are in middle school now that’s amazing, I think it’s more of wondering where in the hell the time has gone.

11 years is a long time, but when I think of my life since they were born it feels like it has flown by and I’m afraid that before I know it they’ll be grown up and gone.  They have pretty much reached the age where the amount of time they want to spend with me is minimal.  They’d rather do things with their friends or play video games than hang out with ol’ dad.  And I get it.  I was the same way at their age, even though I’m way cooler than my dad.

Such is life, I guess.  Soon they’ll be into girls and then it will be all over.  I’m not looking forward to, nor ready for, the birds and the bees talk.  At least the little one still wants me around…

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3 Comments on Feeling old

  1. I was thinking that the boys started school really late when I realized that this is a post I missed. Oops!

    Hope they and you have settled in and that middle school goes by iwithout too much angst on anybody’s part!


  2. And here it is, three years later and they are in high school…and they are in the football team…time flies dear. They say make the most of every minute..whoever they are.


  3. Don’t worry, TD. Though they will find other things more exciting than being with dad (it’s happened four times to me), they will always need you. Soon it will be the time to sit back and watch them utilize all the love and wisdom you have imparted to help them become good, independent, confident and thoughtful people. And when they do come to you with questions or to seek advice, it will make those moments worth waiting for. Hang in there; it’s tough but it gets better.


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