I love my kids, but….

….sometimes they just drive me nuts.

When we got home Friday, Baby A informed me that he had some homework today.  They had a Halloween dance they wanted to go to at 6, and we didn’t get home until 5.  So I told them to eat dinner and get ready for the dance and they could do their homework later.

Big mistake, Indy.

I didn’t think anything of it the rest of the weekend, because they normally do all of their homework.  This morning I found out they didn’t think anything about it the rest of the weekend either.  So they had to rush and get ready for school so they could do their homework, which they didn’t get finished.  I waited until the very last possible minute to take them to school, which made me 20 minutes late to work.

As Calvin’s (from Calvin and Hobbes) dad once said, “Being a parent is wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time.”

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