What do babies think about?

It was just me and the little man tonight as the twins are with their mom and my beautiful wife is at work this evening.

So we were chilling in the living room.  He’s playing and all of a sudden he sees the blinds pulled down over the window and then makes a bee-line straight for the window.  The window is right above our couch and he tries he damnedest just to get up there.  He climbs up my legs and uses my shirt to try to pull himself over me to get there.  Why?  I don’t know what’s so fun about the blinds.

He also laughs at some of the weirdest things.  We have three children’s books in the living room that he can play with.  Last night he was flipping through one of the books (like he was actually reading it – it was cute) and he just starts laughing.  He stops for a second…and then starts laughing again.  I have no idea what was so funny.  The page in question had either a lion or some other jungle animal on it, I really couldn’t tell, but nothing struck me as funny about it.

Tonight, I was standing him up and trying to get him to walk to me.  I can only do this a couple of times before he’s had enough and just sits down as soon as I let him go no matter how many times I try to stand him up.  I (playfully) had a tantrum and screamed, “No, no, no!”  He was rolling.  So every time I tried to stand him up and he sat down I would have a “tantrum,” and he would laugh his little tushy off.

All of that just to say…what do babies think about?  What does he think when I let him see himself in the mirror?  When I sing to him and he smiles at me is it because he enjoys it or because he thinks my singing is funny? (I’m a good singer, by the way…well, good enough)  What is it about shoes that mesmerizes him so?  What is it about the little tiger we have on his bedroom wall the makes his face light up like a Christmas tree?  And what goes on in his little brain when he’s got socks and/or shoes on that compels him to rip them right off of his feet?

I would love to know what this child is thinking.  What do you think babies think about?

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