Driving douchebaggery

So I had an eventful commute to work this morning.

I got about halfway to work this morning when I got stuck behind a Cadillac going 10mph under the limit.  The driver was going 35mph in a 45mph zone.  If I continued to stay behind this car I was going to be late to work.

When we finally came to a passing zone, I passed the Cadillac.  For reasons unknown to me, this pissed off the driver of the Cadillac, who began honking his/her horn maniacally as I passed him/her.  After I had passed him/her, the Cadillac sped up and began to ride my ass, all the while flashing his/her brights at me.

This continued for about 5 miles, until this traif decided that he/she didn’t want to follow me any longer when I made a turn.  I pulled up to a four-way stop.  I stopped at the light and started to turn right.  The Cadillac had pulled into the left-turn lane next to me.  Halfway through my turn, I heard two thuds as unknown objects struck my vehicle.  I looked back into my rear-view mirror and saw that the passenger window of the Cadillac was down and that the Cadillac was going straight through the intersection.

So this douchekite pulled into the turn lane, even though he/she was going straight, just to throw shit at me through his window.

How juvenile.

This behavior left me inundated with questions.  Why did passing him/her piss him/her off?  If this idiot was prepared to follow me at 55mph down the highway, why not go that fast in the first place?  Did you really think I would pull over because you were flashing your brights at me?  Did you really throw shit at me car?  Grow the fuck up.

After I parked at work, I checked the side of my car for damage, but saw none.  So that was a plus.  But I’m still left befuddled by this whole experience.  If you’re going to drive that slowly, don’t expect everyone to be happy with you.  Some people have places to be, and they have to be there at a certain time.  In addition, this person was weaving in and out of the oncoming lane prior when I passed him/her.  I didn’t know if this guy was drunk, high, or intoxicated in some other manner.  I just wanted to get to work safely and this douche was all over the place.

Note to all drivers out there:  quit being dumb.

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