Bath time

Baby C loves taking his bath.  He would probably stay in there all day if we let him.

We have a routine now.  He gets a bath every other day.  I take him into his room and strip him down.  I let him walk to the tub from there, and every time he walks through the house naked he slaps his chest with both open hands simultaneously like King Kong.  Normally we make it to the tub without incident, but tonight he pissed all over the bathroom rug.

He likes to stick his hands under the faucet while the tub is filling so I always get the water to a suitable temperature before plugging the drain.  He then sits there in the tub and sticks his hands in and out of the water coming out of the faucet until I turned it off.  Sometimes he even claps his hands in the water as it’s flowing out of the faucet.  The look of wonderment on his face is amazing to see.

His godmother bought him some foam letters that, when wet, will stick to the wall of the tub.  So if you stick them to the wall he gets all excited and rips them right back off.  He has other bath toys, but he mostly just spends his time splashing water all over the place.

So as I was giving him his bath tonight it occurred to me that it must be pretty damn awesome to have so much room to move around in the bath tub.  Baby C can crawl around in the tub.  He can get up and walk around in it.  He can stick his arms straight out and not touch either side of the tub.  How cool would it be to have a bath tub twice as long as you are tall?  You could have all kinds of fun in a bath tub that big.  You could turn on the shower and run in and out of it like a sprinkler.  Or you could fill it up and have a mini swimming pool.  Or you could do other things that your imagination (insert x-rated thought here) could conjure.

Would you enjoy having a huge bath tub to take baths in showers in?  Or is this just a weird idea that sounds a little creepy now that I’ve actually put it in writing?

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2 Comments on Bath time

  1. beefybooyawn // January 10, 2012 at 10:27 pm // Reply

    It sounds awesome, actually. I totally get what you’re saying.

    Although the only thing I can remember from when I was a kid his age taking a bath… my favorite thing to do was to take a shit in the bath water. My dad always hated cleaning it up. So I guess I used all that room as a toilet.

    The other day I had an idea for a new tub after seeing that fish tank bathroom sink. It would be cool to have a giant tub that was also an aquarium. Taking a bath with fish swimming around inside the tub itself would be kind of cool.


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