Happy New Dick!

dick clarkI’m sure most of you heard the news today that Dick Clark died.  I’m young enough that I only know Dick Clark from his New Year’s Eve show, but he’s been famous for a long time as the host of American Bandstand and Pyramid.

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show gave me and Revis one of our best New Year’s memories ever.  I can’t remember the exact year, it was either 2001 or 2002, but a bunch of us were over at my house partying on New Year’s Eve.  Naturally, we had Dick Clark’s show on.

At some point in the show Dick was on camera speaking and there was a graphic below him with his name.  Coincidentally, in the crowd behind and to the left of Dick there was a dude holding up a big poster that read:  Happy New Year.  Or, I assume that’s what it said.  What we saw on the screen was this:  the graphic on the screen covered up the part of that guy’s sign where I assume it said “year.”  So what we saw on TV was “Happy New Dick.”

My drunk ass saw that and ran away with it.  Pretty soon we were all saying it.  Later on that evening we were all heading out to the back yard so that the smokers could smoke and everyone one of us yelled it out loud as we were heading out the door, except for Revis, who yelled, “I just farted!”

Somebody down the road cheered after that declaration.

Henceforth, every year has not been celebrated with the phrase “Happy New Year.”  It’s been “Happy New Dick.”

Dick Clark didn’t intentionally give my friends and I this memory, but his show did so nonetheless.  Rest in peace, Dick.  I’m sure that wherever you are there will be balls dropping as the clock strikes twelve on every new year.

PS:  The WordPress spell-checker didn’t recognize the word farted.  Really, WordPress?


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6 Comments on Happy New Dick!

  1. Poor Dick Clark.

    I’m old enough to remember American Bandstand on Saturday afternoons when the kids still jitterbugged — the early 60s. It was hard to watch Dick after his stroke though — it was like really watching Father Time come after you and slap you up-side the head and say — YOU ARE OLD!

    RIP Dick, and thanks.


    • Yeah, watching him after his stroke was pretty rough. I often wondered why he kept doing it while watching, but it probably made him happy and it was his show, after all.


  2. The world will never be the same…
    Now we have to rely on that Seacrest douche!


  3. I’m sure that will be the only time in my life that anyone will ever cheer after I make the declaration that I have farted.


  4. Bandstand was still airing on Saturday afteroon’s when I was a kid as well. WE’RE GOING BOBBIN’, WE’RE GONNA STOP IN, ON ALL OF THE MUSIC THEY PLAY…ON THE BANDSTAND. (Forgive me if I messed it up).

    That is a memory not to be forgotten.



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