Sometimes those kids of mine

My kids are slow at, well, everything.  The one year old has an excuse because, hey, he’s one.  The twins, however, have no excuse.

This morning they were ready for school almost an hour before we had to leave.  At 7:10, I told them it was time to go fully anticipating it would take them 5 minutes to actually get downstairs even though they were already dressed and their notebooks for school were down in the living room.  So I went to pack my lunch and brush my teeth.

At 7:15 they still weren’t downstairs.  So I went to the steps and hollered for them again.  I then went to take my Zyrtec.  They still weren’t downstairs.

I walked over to the steps and hollered one more time only to have Baby B come to the top of the steps to tell me Baby A was taking a dump.

So even though they were ready almost an hour before it was time to leave that little punk waited until I said it was time to leave before going to drop a deuce.  Nice.

Instead of leaving at 7:15 like I had planned we didn’t leave until 7:25.  Guess how late I was to work?  Yup, 10 minutes.

I think every time they make me late I’m going to make them late so they get detention or something.  This is getting old.  But it’s all good, now.  I’m chillin’ with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade…

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8 Comments on Sometimes those kids of mine

  1. Yup, frequently late around here too! Sometimes I think they’re attempting to move backwards in time.


  2. I don’t know what they’re attempting to do but it’s getting old…


  3. With my son it was shoes. They were never on his feet. If they were on his feet, he had no socks. If they were on his feet and he had socks, well then the shoes were untied.

    I got a job that started early (my husband got him off to school, I picked him up). I swear I did it so that I wouldn’t kill him for not putting his bloomin’ shoes on.

    When I walked into my new office and turned on my computer, there was the LLBean boot screen saver. Laces untied.

    Life is just like that.


  4. Ummmm…..the bad mom in me started yelling, “Move as if you are on fire!” May be a 12 year-old twin thing. Mine always poop at the worst times and then love to tell me about it. Our 7 year-old though moves so slow you don’t even see him move. His teachers say he has his own pace. That is their way of saying they feel my pain without complaining about my kid. They are also smart because if they complained about my kid I would knock them over like a board check.


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