I don’t know. Can you?

I started doing this a year and a half ago as a funny way to correct the twins’ grammar.  It’s not really a big deal and I don’t get really irritated by it, it’s just something funny I do.

However, the other day it struck me that I’ve been doing this for over a year and they still haven’t caught on.  What the hell?

Basically, when either one of me asks me if they can do something (Dad, can I go outside to play?  Dad, can get something to eat?  Dad, can I ask you an unending stream of pointless questions without you getting upset? ) I look at them and say, “I don’t know.  Can you?”

They always get it right the second time…thankfully.  And THEN they ask, “May I…”

The boys truly are smart.  They do great in school, but I guess they’re just at the age where their attention span is about as long as a celebrity marriage and they still haven’t developed any common sense.

Anyhow, I suggest using this trick at work.  It’s really fun doing this to your coworkers.  For instance, a week or so ago I had just gotten finished using a particular computer to ship a package.  The guy that sits next to me walked up to the computer and, unsure if I was still using it, asks, “Can I use this computer?”

Out of habit I replied, “I don’t know.  Can you?”

A bird came flying at me immediately followed by an impressive string of obscenities.

So try it next time somebody asks you if they can “do” something and report back here and leave the results in the comments.

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4 Comments on I don’t know. Can you?

  1. Wow. Sadly, now I know why my mom always said that to me. I thought it was for a totally different reason. HA!


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