Fat Bottomed Girls

When I got home yesterday, I went straight upstairs to put my laundry away so I’d have it done with and could enjoy the rest of the night.  I had Baby C in there with me, and he was running around playing with whatever he could get his hands on.

I powered on my laptop and was playing Pandora when Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen came on.

Baby C was in the middle of sprinting across the room until he heard the melodious voice of Freddy Mercury singing “Ah, you gonna take me home tonight.”  He stopped in his tracks and started getting down.  He was shaking his “groove thang” for all he was worth, which is funny because to the best of my knowledge he’s never heard that song before.

My little man sure can boogie.  I wish I’d had my phone with me so I could’ve taken a video.

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5 Comments on Fat Bottomed Girls

  1. The song cracks me up!


  2. Great tune. I bet it was a trip watching him dance. That’s awesome.


  3. Great musical share!


  4. Love that song, I need to add it to my playlist. Thanks for the reminder!


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