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My three-day weekend is winding down.  I’m getting ready to go to bed.  I’m just catching up on some news when I stumble upon the article linked above and click my way through the 10 most-hated sports figures.

The list contained all of the usual suspects:  Kurt Bush,  A-Rod, T.O., Kobe Bryant (really?  I don’t know why people hate him), LeBron, Kris Humphries (hey, you married a Kardashian, dumbass), Ndamukong Suh, Plaxico Burress (of he who shot himself in the leg fame), Tiger Woods, and Michael Vick.

Photo by DK Donte Stallworth #18
Donte Stallworth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finished the list and realized that at least two people were missing from the list that shouldn’t have been:  Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth.

Both Little and Stallworth have killed another human being.  Not on purpose, though.  They killed another human while driving drunk.  And yet somehow failed to make this list.

I’m a little befuddled by the fact that a guy who cheated on his wife is more reviled than someone who committed involuntary manslaughter.  I’m confused how idiots who talk so much as to inspire hatred are more frowned upon than drunken idiots who have taken a human life.  I fail to understand how superstars on hated teams (who are hated merely because they win) are loathed more than a couple of idiots who couldn’t make a simple decision to NOT drive after having consumed too much alcohol.  I just don’t get it.

I can’t say that the people on that list don’t deserve to be there.  I can’t really stand any of them myself.  They’ve all made idiots of themselves at one time or another.  Some more than others.  But I can say that I don’t  hate (not really hate. that word is reserved only for my ex) any of them more than the two who have robbed two innocent people of their lives by making poor and negligent decisions.

Shame on the people who voted in this survey for not hating the correct people.  You all suck at life.