When going green goes awry

About a month ago, the plant where I work went green and installed light switches everywhere with sensors in them.  The sensors detect when someone is there and turn on the lights.  If roughly five minutes pass and no movement is detected the lights turn off.

This is great for the plant.  They save money on energy and can feel good about consuming less energy and doing their little part to save the planet.  Or some such.

This morning, I found one of the drawbacks to this technology.  You see, every once in a while I have to use the facilities at work.  Drop the kids off at the pool, if you will.  This morning was one such occasion.

So there I was, in the stall, taking care of my business.  Then, the lights went out.


Someone didn’t think this through very clearly.  I don’t know many people that can take a dump in under 5 minutes.  And I could make all the motions I wanted, but the sensor wasn’t going to detect them because I was in a stall.

So I did the only thing I could do.

No, I didn’t wade across the bathroom in the dark with my pants around my ankles.  I sat there and waited for someone else to come in.  It was only another couple of minutes before I was saved.

Once the light was back on I hurriedly finished before I found myself left in the dark again.

Next time I’ll just hold it until the smaller bathroom without a stall is available…

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9 Comments on When going green goes awry

  1. Ah yes. There’s nothing like a shot in the dark, is there.


  2. Poke your eyes out. If you were blind you wouldn’t have this problem. Geez. Or stash a flashlight nearby. 🙂 Funny stuff, Stuph.


  3. Sorry about your plight, but great story!


  4. southerndreamer // June 6, 2012 at 12:57 pm // Reply

    I have the same problem at work. Luckily there are windows, so even when the lights go out I’m not TOTALLY in the dark. This is good since the bathroom isn’t exactly high traffic.


  5. Ah yes, the new Fox special, “When Going Green Attacks.”

    Going Green only means one thing… big businesses making tons of money on a new scare. Now, I’m all for using those new bulbs and turning off lights and such when I’m not using them, I always have been, but that’s so I can save money, not to fund the Going Green movement. Billions have been made with this scare, and it’s disgusting.


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