My little Star Wars nerd

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Baby C is shaping up to be quite the Star Wars nerd already.  He loves playing with all the Star Wars toys collectibles I have.  For instance, the past few years my wife has gotten me Star Wars ornaments from Hallmark.  They light up and play scenes or music from the movies.  Baby C loves them.  I also have this huge Darth Vader coin bank that plays the Imperial March whenever you drop a coin in it or press the button on it.  Baby C presses the button and then gets jiggy with it while the song is playing.  I also have an interactive Yoda toy that he loves to listen to.

So tonight I decided to pop The Empire Strikes Back into the DVD player to see if he would watch it.  He actually paid attention to a lot of the movie.  Mostly the parts where Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, or R2-D2 were speaking/making noise.  Near the end of the movie when Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are dueling with their lightsabers he got so excited that he made some loud, incoherent noise and then started clapping.

I now have three little Star Wars nerds.  

Parenting:  I’m doing it right.  

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5 Comments on My little Star Wars nerd

  1. You rock as a parent, my friend!


  2. You can’t argue with a classic.


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