10 signs that you’re a crazy wife/girlfriend

  1. When he says he’s going to his best friend’s bachelor party at Hooters you start screaming maniacally and accuse him of going only so he can see the naked chicks.  Oh, and you may or may not throw a picture frame at him.
  2. At his best friend’s wedding, you bust in on the bride while she’s getting dressed, congratulate her, but then tell her you’re leaving because you’re pissed that your husband will be riding in the limo with the rest of the bridal party after the wedding instead of with you.
  3. After dating for only three months, he tells you that he and his family have decided to move back to the city in which he was born.  You react by calling his mom behind his back and demanding that she tell him to take you with him.
  4. If he ever tries to do something that doesn’t include you, such as merely going to a friend’s house to watch a football game, you have a meltdown because he “never” wants to do anything with you.
  5. Any time you have an argument with him, you end up crying and going to take a hot shower, as hot as the water can be, and scream psychotically for 10 minutes while using the pain from the scalding hot water to replace the emotional pain you’re feeling.
  6. You randomly start crying and ask if he’ll ever abuse your daughter.
  7. You’re obsessively jealous, and think every woman who talks to him wants him.
  8. You keep talking about having more kids even though you can’t stand the ones you have.
  9. You randomly tell your kids one night to start calling him daddy, even though he’s not the father and the kids know he’s not their father.
  10. During an emotional meltdown, you tell him that you don’t care if he sees other women as long as he doesn’t leave because otherwise you’ll have to beg your ex to take you back.
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21 Comments on 10 signs that you’re a crazy wife/girlfriend

  1. I think 10 signs you’re a crazy person would be more appropriate as all of those examples could be extrapolated to a crazy husband/boyfriend as well. There are just as many jealous and emotionally unstable men out there.

    Also, instead of crazy, the word abusive would be more apt, because intense jealousy and manipulation is emotional abuse.


    • Yes, I’m aware of these things, but since I’m speaking of things that actually happened to me, that title fits.

      I’m well aware of the manipulative and abusive men that are out there and it seems sometimes people don’t consider that women can be the same way.


  2. All I can say is I hope that these things never happened to you. Wow. I’m a chick and I’m confused as to why any woman would act in this manner. Craziness, I tell you.


  3. OK, lesson learned. Refresh page before commenting. Wow, I can’t believe that these things happened to you. Amazing.


  4. Hilarious – and helpful!


  5. Must have had a challenging relationship….


  6. Okay..I look forward to the future then! nice one!


  7. Brainy Miscellany // June 20, 2012 at 8:51 am // Reply

    Wow this was all from one woman I presume?? I hope you weren’t with her for very long… When you broke up did she stalk you, or hang your dirty laundry up on the internet for the world to see?? I know people like that. That sucks you had to deal with that. She sounds super insecure.


  8. Why didn’t you run for the hills after about two or three of these things happened? You have far greater fortitude than I.


  9. I’m sorry, I don’t see anything wrong with those actions… LOL I can’t lie, what a crazy bitch.


  10. Repeat. Glad you’re out.


  11. wow, it sounds like she needed professional help. Sorry you had to endure this.


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