Many, many years ago, in a retail store far, far away…  I was at work.  And it sucked.  But that’s not the purpose of this story.  I’m at work now, and it sucks.  Some things never change.

Anyhow, a coworker and I were discussing…something.  I don’t remember the exact content of our conversation, but the coworker expressed an opinion on something, to which I replied, “I concur.”

Then, a really, really dumb blonde (is there any other kind?) coworker who happened to overhear our conversation interrupted us with this gem:  “Concur?  Isn’t that something a doctor does?”

Triple facepalm

“Yes,” I quipped, “only a doctor can concur.  Didn’t you know I run a lucrative medical practice during the day and only moonlight as a destitute retail worker?”

Here’s your sign.

From that moment on, those in the know (you are now a part of this fortuitous group) always ensure that the statement, “I concur,” is followed endearingly with, “just like a doctor.”  In fact, if you are in the know, it is mandatory that you retort in this fashion.

So you have your mission, friends.  When somebody concurs, it is your mandate to ensure they do so just like a doctor.  Go forth, and spread the word.