Looking Up

[Editor's Note: Nicole Marie is one of my bestest blogging buddies.  She is a fabulous writer who can make you feel her words, laugh out loud, or cry.  She is that good.  I'm not going to ask you to enjoy this piece, cause I know that you will without me having to ask.  I would ask, however, that you hop on over to Words and Other Things and click the all-mighty Follow button once you have read her excellent prose here.] When Twindaddy decided to include guest bloggers on his page, I was ecstatic! It was a wonderful opportunity from one of my favorite bloggers; he was kind enough to allow other bloggers to showcase their own words on his page, in hopes they'd have fun and gain some new followers in the process. So of course I started with the "pick me! pick me!",  wanting a slice of the spotlight on [blog formally known as] Stuph Blog.

Twindaddy noticed my whining and said “yes Nicole, you can guest blog” and sent me an invite, which apparently got sent to my spam folder; I “ignored” it for days until he brought it to my attention. “Oh no!” I said, immediately taking it out of my spam folder and accepting the invite. “I’ll dream up some epic ideas and get right to work.”

Then I bought Dead Space 3 and became a nerd for a week, tossing my opportunity down the drain. Shame on me. Luckily, Twindaddy was nice enough not to revoke my invite to post on his blog, and so here I am. And he doesn’t even know I’m here, at 11 o’clock on a Friday night with a half a bottle of vino in me. That’s right. Here’s hoping he doesn’t delete my post. 😉

Recently, I told Twindaddy the majority of my poetry begins to stir in my noggin while under the influence of Yellow Tail Shiraz-Cabernet. So while I have the bottle out, I thought my perfect guest post should be just that: slightly buzzed poetry. Twindaddy, I’m sorry I’m lazy. I hope you still like me. Thank you again for the opportunity to post on your page – everyone and their mother should be following this blog.


Looking Up

breathe in shades of black

and gray

exhale in blue and red

they only run so deep

these highway scars

these marks of birth and life

cover it in warmth and blood

garden soil under

short fingernails

blooms in fragile charm

veins in the pavement always

go unnoticed when you’re

staring up at the clouds

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20 Comments on Looking Up

  1. Wow! That must be one hell of a bottle of wine!
    Great stuff Nicole.


  2. Nicole, that was beautiful. I would never delete your post and of course I still like you. You are welcome to post here whenever you like.


  3. Great stuff! I’m even more impressed at your ability to create this beautiful piece of work while navigating through Dead Space 3. Have you finally found a way to properly utilize the kinect’s voice controls to blog and game simultaneously.


  4. Thank you Nicole and please pass on my thanks to Yellow Tale. I’m glad Twin gave you this invite, your words are very meaningful.


  5. Always impressive, Nicole!


  6. Great stuff, Nicole. Nice picking, Twindaddy.


  7. Well done, Nicole!


  8. Me likey. Me likey a lot.


  9. Beautiful work, Nicole.


  10. It reads a bit like the stuff I come up with when playing with a magnetic poetry kit, but much, much better! Slightly off-the-wall and surreal, in a fantastically cool way. You have a gift there, that’s for sure.


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