I wasn’t going to do today’s prompt because I don’t really have a favorite movie.  I have a plethora of movies that are among my favorites, but not a clear-cut favorite amongst them.  But then I realized that this would be my seventh day in a row of doing the Daily Prompt, so I should probably just do it and think of something to write just so I can say that I participated for a week straight.

So, that being said….PROMPT ME!

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

Okay!  We’re all excited about this prompt!  You can tell be the exclamation points at the end of all these sentences!  Yahtzee!  I don’t know why I just said that. So…Yahtzee!  There, I said it twice.

So…my favorite movie.  I’d have to narrow it down to any Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Lord of the Rings movie.  Of course, that still leaves me 19 movies to choose from.  So you know what?  I think I’m going to just let Google pick a random movie quote for me.

I’ll be right back.  While I’m gone, enjoy this video.

A ha!  Found one I like!  And, it’s from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie!  Even better!  Here’s the quote:

Anyone who’s seen these movies knows that Jack Sparrow is not a deep thinker or a philosopher.  They also know that this quote was merely aimed at convincing somebody to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

But that shouldn’t take away from the powerful meaning of this quote.  Problems are only as big as we make them.  When a problem presents itself, you can sulk and bitch and moan about another problem, or you can attack it, figure it out, and solve it.  That’s where attitude comes in.

As an example I offer my own experiences.  In August of last year my wife left me.  My attitude at that particular time was focused on the negative side of that problem.  I was focused on what I had lost, that I was alone, and that the woman I loved no longer wanted me.  Poor me.  My poor broken heart.

We eventually got back together and tried again, but recently she came to the same conclusion.  She was done.  This time, instead of focusing on the negative, I have focused on the positive.  The silver lining, if you will.  I thought to myself, it’s her loss. I still have my kids, my siblings, and parents.  There are plenty of people who love me.  Sure, it still hurt, but my attitude this time has totally made for a different experience.  The way I looked at the problem changed how I felt about it.

I offer another example, this time from that galaxy far, far away.  Yes, I know it’s not real, but it’s pertinent so shut up.  Luke’s X-wing sank into the swamp.  Yoda instructs him to use the force to lift it out.  Luke insists that the X-wing is too big to be moved, while Yoda insists that, “Size matters not.”

Surely (yes, I just called you  Shirley) you all know that Luke was unable to lift his ship out of the swamp and Yoda fished it out for him.  “I don’t believe it,” Luke pathetically admits to Yoda after Yoda had gotten it out.

“That is why you fail,” Yoda explains.

You see, even though Luke tried to lift his X-wing out, he never truly believed that it could be done.  It was his attitude about the problem that hindered him, not the problem itself.  Look at me busting out some Star Wars and philosophy on you.  At the same time!  It must be why I’ve gotten so many Versatile Blogger Awards.  I’m cool like that.

It is in that vein that I’ve tried to maintain a new, positive outlook on life.  I know that with the right attitude, challenges can be conquered.  Challenges such as living on my own – which doesn’t seem like a challenge to most people, but I’ve never done it – and sharing my children with two different women.  I still have some down moments, but for the most part I’ve been able to stay positive with the help of some kick-ass friends.  Most of them I met here, on WordPress, the last place I would have ever thought to find friends.

So, the next time you’re confronted with a difficult task, remember Jack Sparrow’s (Captain!) words.  Instead of finding reasons you cannot solve that problem, look for reasons you can.

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