A Taste of My Own Medicine

Baby C is a funny little man.  He’s got his daddy’s sense of humor.  He likes to play little games.  To test the limits of his father’s sanity.  Much like his father does to, well, everyone else.

This morning when it was time to go I took the final swig from my morning cup of coffee.  I then rose from my desk chair to take my mug into the kitchen to rinse it out and put it in the sink.  When I came back into the living room he was sitting in the desk chair.  A chair he knows he’s not allowed to sit in because he tries to get into everything on the desk.

Baby C Trooper

He looks sweet and innocent…

So when I saw him there I stopped and gave him the look.  You know, that look every parent gives to their child(ren) that says, “You little punk.  Why did you do that?” I received that look a lot as a child.  And still sometimes do.  I’m sure my mommy’s proud.  It’s funny to see the look now.  Back then, not so much.

Baby C, upon receipt of the look, started to laugh, which is of course what I do when I get the look from my mother.  This, in turn set his brothers off laughing.  I began walking towards him to get him out of the chair.  As I lifted him from the chair I told him, “You’re not funny.”

He, evidently, disagreed, and spent the next few seconds telling me just how funny he is.  “Funny!  Funny!  Funny!” he exclaimed, which of course caused his brothers to start cackling even louder.  That encouraged him, so he kept saying it.

It’s never-ending laughs at my place, folks.  My mom told me my kids would be just like me and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t right.

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46 Comments on A Taste of My Own Medicine

  1. Ah the great Mother’s curse…”Some day you will grow up and have children just like you…lol. I remember saying the same thing to my daughters… as they looked at me like deer in headlights. Now they are not laughing about it.


  2. I was thinking relentless.


  3. This is one of the only thing that’s good about not having your own parents around when you have children. When you have issues and they do things that make it obvious they SO are your spawn, you don’t have a parental unit there to laugh at you.


  4. Uh oh… I fear the wife and I are doomed. But for now, he just sleeps a lot, eats when he isn’t sleeping, and, well, poops when he is doing both. Then again, maybe that already isn’t so far off from the wife and I. 😛


  5. This is my biggest fear: someday my kids being like me. …Or worse.


  6. Ha ha. He’s only 2 and he has located your buttons!!


  7. I have a pair of boys who thinks they are comedians. I know exactly the scenario you are describing, they get one little laugh and they think they are the funniest person born. In all good humor though, laughter at naughty behavior aside, I am happy that they are like this. Their mother has a sense of humor but not the, easily entertained HA HA kind like I do. Harry and I, for example are always laughing at some joke or silly song etc. On the other hand they know how to test our limits with this as well. One long standing favorite is to dive bomb daddy’s back when he is on the floor causing him extreme pain and occasional crippledness. We like to rough house but when they pair up it is a dangerous game.


  8. Little boys are the best….and the mother’s curse is priceless. However, I do believe I am raising the daughter my sister should have had, some how there was a mix up.


  9. See, I don’t even have to have my own children for this this to happen, it just does. I seem to have these awesome annoy everyone genes, so that niece and nephew are exact carbon copies of me. “But I was trying to be good”. As I pushed my baby sister down and laughed maniacally as I skipped away.


  10. I was really worried that he pooped in your chair. :/


  11. Is this why I say I don’t want kids…ultimately I know they’ll turn out just me! And I said I would never be my mother and look at me now!


  12. Many times I’ve stifled my laughter when my sister scolded her kids for doing things she used to do. My favorite word to her is karma.


  13. He sure does.


  14. Currently my daughter thinks peek-a-boo is hi-LARIOUS. I have to agree with her, so far.


  15. Wait just a few years, and Baby C will be blogging about you.


  16. It can be scary to realise how repetitive history is… but isn’t it comforting in some way?
    And laughs are better than cries 😉


  17. One of my greatest fears is my kids turning out just like me. NO! The horror!


  18. Your kids being just like you is reassuring! It means they’re going to be fantastic when they grow up.


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