Why I Have Gray Hair

Well, let’s face it, I have gray hair because I lost the genetic lottery.  But a lot of these gray hairs are earned.  I’ve been raising children for the past 16 years and with a two-year old I have at least another 16 to go.  I might be bald soon.

So let me elaborate on why I’m getting these gray hairs.  Here’s an example that just happened a few minutes ago.  Baby A came downstairs after just having taken a shower.  He has on a pair of sweatpants to sleep in.  Sweatpants with pockets.  I could hear change rattling in said pockets as he came down the stairs.  Then, the following conversation ensued.

Me: Do you have change in your pockets?

Baby A: Yes.

Me: Why do you have change in your pockets?

Baby A: I don’t know.  I think I put it there.



Folks, he was completely serious.  He wasn’t being a smart ass at all.  For once.  He honestly couldn’t remember how he had gotten change into the pockets of the pants he had just put on only a few minutes prior.  And so, I high-fived my face like so:



and I’m pretty sure another handful of hairs turned gray right after he said that.

Query:  What turned your hair gray today?

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52 Comments on Why I Have Gray Hair

  1. Perhaps. He has been weird all day.


  2. Oh it’s a long list! But I know a great hairdresser so I’m all good. I wish money magically appeared in my pockets. That kid is like the goose that lays golden eggs!


  3. Now you know why a father invented Grecian Formula…for the Not Me Kid in your family that you can not claim on your taxes.


  4. southerndreamer // April 15, 2013 at 11:42 pm // Reply

    I’m not gray yet. I figure it will be severe, traumatic, white hair o/n from teen antics. All of mine are too smart for their britches. That tends to lead to epic teen fails.


  5. That is funny as hell!
    One of my daughters likes to give me the stats… “Three years till I’m a teen mum. Six years till I can drive Mum.” I’m like… ten minutes till my next grey hon! And why they are growing curly when the rest of my hair is straight is beyond me… ?!


  6. Don’t you just love kids 🙂


  7. Heredity explains most…that was funny.


  8. Hahahaha! He’s a boy….it’s what they do and always with a serious face.


  9. Hahahaha! Sadly, this probably just the beginning of many grey hairs to come. I’m sure you’d rather have those hairs be grey than just totally disappear.


  10. Haha! 😀 I’m not much better than Baby A, actually… I think I might owe my parents a day at the hair salon. 🙂


  11. First of all, high five to Baby A! I leave change everywhere! It’s always a nice surprise when I find some in my pocket 🙂
    As for your grey hair, grey is the new sexy. Say, do you have a beard too?


  12. So now I know why I am getting grey hair 🙂


  13. I’d rather not have the gray hairs…


  14. I get it. It appeared. Magic.


  15. I’m lucky in that there’s no sign of any grey yet, but I’m fairly certain that the senior sisters are doing their best to drive me crazy. I think that counts…


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