I have not yet addressed the bombings in Boston. There is really no information on who did it, how they did it, or why they did it. Fingers are being cast in multiple directions. It’s the Muslims’ fault. It’s Obama’s fault. Others are using this tragedy as a platform to talk about gun control. Somehow important things have gotten lost in the midst of this tragedy. Like the victims.

I had no intention of posting any thoughts on this incident…until this morning. As I dropped the twins off at school, I noticed their flag flying half-mast, and it reminded me again of what had happened. Then on the way to work, I drove by a fire station, and their flag was at half mast. It was another reminder. A reminder that though it is important to find out who perpetrated this crime, it is even more important not to forget those victims who suffered the consequences of this unspeakable crime.

So, as I often seem to get when I’m reflecting, a poem began percolating in my head. Here are the results of my fully brewed thoughts…

Innocent fans
Cheering along
Did not suspect
Something was wrong

A terrorist act
A cowardly crime
A heinous attack
A perilous time

Flag half mast
To honor the lost
Into the afterlife
They have crossed

The flag pulled down
By relentless gravity
And a shameful act
Of human depravity

I shed a tear for the injured
For all those who bled
A tear for my country
A tear for the dead