Nipple Boo Boo

It’s been 12 days since Baby C’s accident.  Since that time his burns have healed up quite nicely and all he has left are three red marks (two on his chest and one on his arm) from his burns.

Baby C Trooper

Baby C Trooper. healing like a boss!

So tonight when I was undressing him for his bath he pointed at one of the red marks and said, “Boo boo?”

“Yes, that’s a boo boo,” I concurred (like a doctor).

He then pointed to another red mark and then said, “That’s a boo boo?”

“Yes, honey, that’s a boo boo,” I assured him.

He then pointed to his nipple and said, “Boo boo?”

I guffawed.  “No, son.  That’s not a boo boo.”

Other  Baby C antics

  • I have a Darth Vader coin bank on a book shelf in my living room.  Baby C has been pressing the button on it all night which activates Vader and plays the Imperial March.  While the song is playing he marches in place until it’s over.  Then, he hits the button again and begins marching in place again.  This has gone on for hours.  I finally had to move it out of reach for some peace and quiet.
  • Baby C was wrestling with Baby B.  After hitting the button on the Darth Vader coin bank for the umpteenth time, he ran back at Baby B, who wasn’t paying attention, and smacked him.  Right in the junk.  Baby B now knows to pay attention when he’s watching his brother.
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37 Comments on Nipple Boo Boo

  1. Keep your head on a swivel…


  2. I just LOL’d… Funny stuff 🙂


  3. Lol. I can so see that! Poor Baby B. Though, I think I need to borrow the bank to finish teaching the birds the Imperial March.


  4. Aww! Good call on the nipple labeling.


  5. So glad baby C is doing better. Baby B now knows his little brother is a force to be reckoned with. Loud toys are so much fun!


  6. Glad to hear Baby C is doing better and is back to his little hilarious self. He stopped you right in your tracks with that nipple boo-boo didn’t he…lol!


  7. I know. He cracks me up.


  8. When our 12 year old Mr. Smee was a 2 year old, daddy accidentally zipped up Mr. Smee’s manhood in his pants, causing quite the red mark and quite the crying fit. When we got over to my parents for a large family gathering, my aunt asked Mr. Smee how he was doing. “I have a boo-boo,” he replied. Suddenly aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins all eyes are on sweet little Mr. Smee. “Where?” asks the concerned aunt. Mr. Smee pulls down his pants and underwear and points, “Right hew and huts” showing the entire room his little boy junk. Can’t wait to tell that story at his wedding reception.


  9. Aw, glad he’s doing OK. And just tell him: Chicks dig scars


  10. No choice was given. But he has embraced it wholeheartedly.


  11. Seriously your kids are so funny. Baby C is too cute. I’m feeling slightly for Baby B though, no-one needs a thump in the crown jewels!


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