I haven’t done an entry into my Customer Service Fails feature in a while so I figured I’d grace you all with this little ditty.  This story goes waaaaaay back.

Um, not quite that far back…. (Image via comicvine.com)

In the late 90’s I worked in the Tire and Lube Center of the first Wal-Mart ever in the Detroit metro area.  As I was standing out in the shop with my supervisor one day talking about something so unimportant that I cannot remember it, one of our technicians got behind the wheel of a vehicle on which they had just completed an oil change to drive it out of the shop.

He turned the ignition switch and the engine roared to life.  Literally.  It was apparent right away that the RPM was rapidly increasing.  The oblivious technician put the transmission into drive, and then the tires squealed as the vehicle shot out of the bay amid the cloud of smoke.  A cloud of smoke which was the result of the tires spinning in place on the concrete.  The technician was able to avoid hitting any cars in the parking lot and stopped the car, amazingly, perfectly into a parking spot.  There were skid marks left on the bay floor where it had been parked.

My supervisor had watched this scene play out before us with his jaw on the floor.  He slowly turned his gaze my way afterward, and, eyes wide with shock, said, “He knows he’s fired, right?”

You’re fired.

Words failed me, so I said nothing.  This was very unlike the technician to do something so stupid so I decided to reserve judgement until I heard what he had to say.

It turns out, the accelerator on this particular car stuck often, and the customer failed to notify anyone of that fact.  Luckily, no one was hurt and no vehicles were damaged, but it was sure as shit funny after the fact.

EDIT:  No, he didn’t get fired.  Sorry I didn’t clarify that.

Audience Participation Time!

Your turn! Do you have any funny stories from an oil change shop? Or perhaps an auto repair shop?