Walk for Suicide Prevention

Months ago in a guest post about suicide and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I described the community walks and the fundraising efforts for things such as depression research and services for those left behind by suicide.

As some of you may already know, my wife lost her brother to suicide just as we began dating. She and her family have struggled with this loss for almost seven years now. His death wasn’t just a death, but it was a death he voluntarily chose. They’ve all analyzed themselves as a result. Where did they go wrong? What could they have done differently? Why didn’t they see the signs? Why couldn’t they prevent it?

AFSP donations fund research for mental illness, which is the leading cause of suicide. They also go into services for people, such as my wife and her parents, who have survived a loved one’s suicide. They also benefit those who have attempted suicide and survived. AFSP also provides education on suicide and depression for those interested. Donations truly benefit those who need AFSP’s help. Your donation will make a difference.

Having spent the last year battling my own depression demons, this cause is now even more important to me than it already was. Before this was more of a way for me to support my wife and her family as they did what they needed to do to work past her brother’s suicide. However, since depression damn near destroyed me last year and keeps making return appearances, dragging me down to depths to which I have never sank, this cause has taken on a completely new meaning to me. Additionally, having read so many posts over on Black Box Warnings by other bloggers who have attempted suicide, it magnified how meaningful this cause truly is. I’ve become close friends with other bloggers who have attempted suicide and their stories have touched me.

The date for this year’s walk in Cincinnati is October 20th. My wife has, again, formed a team in memory of her brother and despite what’s happened between us I still support her efforts for this very noble cause. Each team attempts to raise as much money as they can and then, come October 20th we will walk in honor of his memory and the memory of every other person who has committed or attempted suicide.

So I have a favor to ask of you all. Please visit my brother-in-law’s page and donate to AFSP in his name. Also, if you’re so inclined, please tweet this, share this on Facebook, or reblog it so we can get the word out there. Our team goal is to raise at least $1000 donated in his name. I cannot stress how important this organization is to those of us suffering from depression or another mental illness, and to those of us who care about those with mental illness. Your donation could help save a life. That life could be mine. It could be yours. It could be the life of someone you love.

Please click here to donate. Thank you all.

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43 Comments on Walk for Suicide Prevention

  1. Just retweeted and will stop by the page to donate. Hugs.


  2. This is a good post and a good cause. I hope it goes/went well.


  3. I do know how close this is to you. I’ve seen first-hand the devastation a suicide can wreak on a family and it is a horrible thing to witness. I’m ever so thankful your son seems to be on the road to recovery and that you guys are doing better.

    Please know that if you ever need a place to vent you can reach out to me and I will listen. I may not have any answers, but my ears can take a beating.


  4. Suicide and depression affect so many. I’m sorry that it has touched your life as well. My step-dad took his life, and the aftermath for those left behind is something I would not wish on anyone. I will visit your brother in law’s page today, and I commend you for supporting this cause. And for what it’s worth, I’m here reading, listening, and relating to your struggles and the words you share. Hugs.


  5. Well done, TD, to get beyond problems and work together to support such an important goal.

    I have done a whole lot of research on this topic, so it’s a pretty important one for me too. I’ll help (when I get home, I’m away).


  6. It speaks volumes about the type of person you are that you continue to support this cause despite everything else that has gone on. You, sir, are truly a great person. I hope you reach and surpass your $1k goal.


    • As I said, this cause has taken on a whole new meaning to me in the past year. I know so many people now who this affects, not just my wife and her parents. It seems as if half (if not more) of the bloggers I know have some form of mental illness.


  7. You are good people for sticking by your wife’s side and supporting this cause despite what you guys are going through right now. I will be sharing.


  8. Living next to a military base this rings so true more often than one would like to admit. Thank you for reaching out.


  9. Growing up with a view of the Golden Gate… still the world’s most popular destination for suicide, I always thought they should put some kiosk on the bridge with some questionnaires asking people to give some details about how far they travelled or what led them to this decision. I wonder how many people change their mind. Has anyone ever met someone and fallen in love on the way to jump off the bridge, or gotten a flat tire and decided it was too much trouble. Is it ever a spontaneous thing, or has it been planned for months? Who travelled the farthest just to do it. There must be millions of stories.


  10. You’re a good man to do this, TD. It is a worthy cause and I hope it does some good.


  11. I wish I could donate. As I can’t, I’ll be praying for the organisation and all who have issues with mental health.


  12. WordsFallFromMyEyes // September 7, 2013 at 1:59 am // Reply

    I feel enormously about this issue, my mother having killed herself on the weekend of my 6th birthday, and me having attempted suicide seriously – so damned seriously – in 2011 (my 15yo son saved my life). My beloved son… my son.

    I feel enormously about this.

    I love how you stayed by your wife though it was beginning of dating – just the beginning. You’re a wonderful man.

    Enjoyed the video.


  13. I lost a friend to suicide, a few years ago. This is great, twindaddy. I’ll stop over tomorrow to donate. This is an amazing cause you are supporting. Hope all is well. xoxo


  14. prayingforoneday // September 9, 2013 at 4:27 pm // Reply

    I once tried to take my own life..
    Most selfish place I have been.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I doubt there is a living being out there who is not affected in a way by suicide. I have a cousin, and a roommate who’ve taken their lives. I myself have dipped in and out of depression…

    I may not be in a position where I can donate financially, but I can tweet out the page for you. Good luck to you and your wife.


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