A Morning With Baby C

On Thursday nights it’s just me and Baby C. I have arranged this so that on Wednesdays the twins can have my undivided attention for at least one day a week, because Baby C is an attention hog. A cute attention hog, but an attention hog nonetheless. I was beginning to feel like I didn’t know my boys anymore and so I asked, and received, permission to switch my days with Baby C.

That means on Friday mornings it’s just me and Baby C. Today is Friday, coincidentally, and this morning was interesting.

Normally when it’s just he and I in the morning I take my shower, make my lunch, and drink my coffee all before I wake him up right before I go. He eat’s at my mom’s house anyway.

This morning, however, he woke up just as I was finishing making my coffee. “Daddy?” I heard his voice gently float down the stairs.

“I’m coming, baby,” I assured him. He started to cry a bit since I wasn’t right there. I had to grab a diaper out of the diaper bag since I had used the last one in his room last night. “I have to get you a diaper then I’ll be right there, okay?”

“Okay,” he meekly said. He stopped crying, though.

I grabbed a diaper and went upstairs. As soon as he saw me he pointed to his butt and said, “Change a poop?” Of course, he hadn’t pooped, but that’s how he conveys to me that he’s getting his diaper changed.

I changed his diaper, got him dressed, and we headed downstairs. Upon entering the living room he had a request. “Watch a Me Me?” Me Me is, of course, Lightening McQueen. He wanted to watch Cars. Again. For the 109,384,710,789,356,78,164,013,847,189,347,046th time.

You wanna watch me again? Kachow!!! (image via comicvine.com

“Okay,” I said with a smile.

I turned on the TV and started the movie. Once I had the movie started I headed back to my computer so I could drink my coffee and fool around on the internetz while consuming my liquidious java goodness.

I had just sat down at my desk when I hear his cute little voice again. “Daddy? Muffins?”

“I’m sorry, baby, we’re out of muffins. Do you want a cereal bar?” I offered.

“Okay.” He says okay to everything.

I grabbed a cereal bar for him and handed it to him. I then headed back to my desk to resume drinking my yummy coffee.

I periodically would turn around to check on him. He was engrossed with the movie despite the fact that he’s seen it umpteen billion times.  After roughly ten minutes he still hadn’t taken a bite of the cereal bar. “Are you going to eat that?” I asked him.

Without looking away from the TV or taking a bite, he said, “Yes.”

A few minutes later he had migrated from one end of the couch to the other. “Daddy,” he said, “this tastes good.”

I turned to face him. He still had not taken a bite of the cereal bar, yet he somehow knew it tasted good. My kid is a genius. And prophetic, too.

I chuckled, then turned back to my coffee and took in another gulp of its warm deliciousness. A moment later I turned back to check on him and he had finally taken a small bite out of the corner of the cereal bar. I was ecstatic. Maybe he’d actually eat it.

I turned back to the computer and finished drinking my coffee. I then rose from my desk, took the mug to the sink, and rinsed it out.  I sauntered back into the living room to put Baby C’s shoes and socks on.

I noticed over half the cereal bar was now gone. Yay! I thought. He’s eating it! I grabbed his shoes and socks then sat next to him on the couch. That’s when he scooted back a bit and pointed down to the the couch and announced, “Daddy. A mess.”

I looked down and discovered he was correct. He had not eaten half of the cereal bar as I had assumed, it was destroyed and left all over the couch. “Yup,” I sighed, “that’s a mess.”

He looked up at me with his innocent blue eyes. “Need a vacuum?”

I stifled a laugh. “Yes, we need the vacuum, but we need to get your shoes and socks on so we can go see grandma.”

“Okay!” he agreed enthusiastically. He loves his grandma.

With his shoes and socks on we headed to grandma’s house. I walked him inside where I proceeded to love him and kiss him for roughly five minutes. This is his weekend with his mother and I won’t see him again until Monday after work. I hate sharing custody.

Then he was off, playing with his cousins and nagging grandma to get him a cup full of juice. I’ll miss him the next three days.

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62 Comments on A Morning With Baby C

  1. Very nice to see a normal morning at TDs house.
    And while it’s nice to see Baby C as he takes his first step in the world, I’m looking forward to the triumphant post where you teach him to use the vacuum. 😉
    Hope th days apart go fast.


  2. Awwwwwwww 😀 Don’t worry, I won’t say it.


  3. You’ll have the bread crumbs to hold you over.

    Reading parents posts about their kids are always precious, good stories when they get their first girlfriend.


  4. You don’t have a cold dark heart, dear. You know that.


  5. It’s awesome you can capture the seemingly routine days and identify them as special nonetheless. Also, I’m happy to know you’re showering weekly.


  6. Love it 🙂

    Monday will come quickly. I have teens, and they go to their mother’s every other weekend and I still miss them. Sharing custody like you do, I don’t know if I could cope with that. You are a great Baby C Daddy (and TwinDaddy 😉 )


  7. That’s too cute. Sometimes I wish my kids were babies again…then I remember diapers and am thankful they are toilet trained. Yay for pooping in a toilet!


  8. You’re one helluva dad, Twindaddy.


  9. Awwwww,,,,I miss those days,,,now it’s just cleaning up their old empty beer and wine bottles,,,sigh,,,ooops did I say that out loud?


  10. This is both adorable and unutterably sad… just like you.. hey! I see my crack squirrel down there in the little pictures!


  11. Custody sharing sucks balls. I hope his mom isn’t a sadistic demon who uses him to anger you.


  12. Right? I’m gonna have to vacuum the couch when I get home….


  13. Cute! Can’t wait for the little prince to start talking… I’m pretty sure poop is going to be one of the first words he learns. It’s going to be great!
    I hope the next couple days cruise right along for you. If you are just missing out on the baby cuteness you can always come and babysit the little prince… We’d feed you, and give you a bed while you are here. I understand it is a bit of commute though just for a babysitting gig…


  14. So sweet. Their little voices are so cute. At least he didn’t shove it in the couch cushion…


  15. Oh how I miss the morning cuteness. The little cracked morning voice summoning me to their room. This just brought back a load of memories and gave me a big smile. I would welcome a smushed cereal bar on the couch any day after seeing my son and his girlfriend all lovey dovey on the couch….ugh.


  16. *sends love and hugs*
    Monday tomorrow. Xx


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