Aw, Shucks

Baby C amazes me on a daily basis. His vocabulary is increasing at an astronomical rate. Each day brings new words. He can speak in complete sentences. It is fascinating to experience and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time he says something new.

I’m not sure where he picked it up, but recently he has begun expressing his disappointment by muttering, “Aw, shucks,” whenever something doesn’t go his way. I’m sure he picked it up from one of the many kids shows he watches at my mom’s house, but I’m still not sure which one.

It’s hilarious, to me, to hear him express his disappointment this way because he does so at comically opportune times. For instance,  yesterday he wanted to play upstairs with the twins. Bubbies, as he refers to them. So he went upstairs and I could hear them all crashing around and otherwise having a great time. After a while, though, I heard Baby B howl in pain and then yell at Baby C for some misbehaviour. Seconds later all three of them descended the stairs.

Evidently, Baby C bit Baby B’s finger hard enough to draw blood. I disciplined Baby C with a spanking and a timeout. As he sat there bawling his poor little heart out he asked me if he could get down. I told him no because he was in a timeout. Then: “Awwwwwwwww, shuuuucksssssssssss.” He wailed it so pitifully that I almost lost my composure and began laughing even though I was upset with him.

His enunciation still hasn’t quite caught up to his rapidly expanding vocabulary, however. Even though he knows an insane amount of words, he still cannot say them all properly yet. That’s fine, and to be expected, but sometimes it leads to misunderstanding. “Aw, shucks,” doesn’t always come out sounding like, “Aw, shucks.”

When Baby C watches TV, he stands right in front of the TV. His nose is literally inches from the screen as he watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Cars for the umpteenth million time. When I was picking him up from my mother’s house one day last week, he was parked at his vigil in front of the TV. I asked him to back away from the TV a bit. He turned and looked at me, then muttered, “Oh, shush.”

Um, excuse me?

I put him on the couch for a timeout. It wasn’t until much later – when he had established a pattern of saying “Aw, shucks,” all the time – that I figured out what he had meant to say.

Of course, no kid-learning-new-words story is complete without the obligatory swear word uttering. My sister-in-law told me over the weekend that when she corrected Baby C one time last week he blurted out, “Aw, shit.” I duly laughed and told her about his, “Aw, shucks” routine.

It’s truly amazing to watch your children grow. To learn new things. To develop their personalities. I can’t wait for the next new thing Baby C will learn.

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66 Comments on Aw, Shucks

  1. Coming from someone else that writes, I imagine watching your kids pick up language has to be pretty damn cool.


  2. Assuming you want to avoid C picking up a Rantionary, you could move him into “horsefeathers,” and “oh hooey.”


  3. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried hard not to laugh when Wee Cee does something she’s not supposed to. She still needs my – ahem – assistance to take a timeout (in theory, she’s supposed to sit in my lap quietly for two minutes), and she usually ends up making it into a game to see how many ridiculous noises she can make throughout the timeout. Her punishments usually become ticklefests.


    • Timeouts just aren’t happening right now. He spends the whole time asking to get down and then crying when I say no. When my parents used to tell me “This hurts me more than it hurts you” I used to roll my eyes. Now, I get it.


  4. Cute, cute, cute!
    I can’t wait for the little prince to start learning words too. Though, I will have to start curbing my own word usage around him I think. Or, we’ll just be that family that lets the kiddo learn all the words and then teaches them when it is appropriate and when it isn’t appropriate to use them. That one word, the one that sounds like fork, yeah, we reserve that for when we are in the car and someone cuts us off…


  5. I never get sick of kid stories.


  6. Awww so cute!
    Although, you should be glad he has heard only Shucks rather than its rhyminfg partner beginning with F.
    Just saying.


  7. When Boy Wonder was 9 months old, he picked up the f-word (thanks to daddy… he’s a Brit, what can I say?). We were flying to Vegas from NYC and Boy Wonder began throwing a fit. He screamed the f-word repeatedly for the first 45 minutes of the plane ride. I was considering opening the door en route and jumping out.


  8. That is probably one of the cutest things ever! “Aw shucks”


  9. They are fun to watch learn language skills. Our two year old is just not using phrases, unlike his older sibs who were talking clearly very early on. I find it funny that Cool will know when I say something and it’s a bad word, but he won’t repeat it, he’ll ask me if it’s a bad word. The wife and I both curse with the kids around, for better or worse. They’re going to learn it someplace. It’s like drinking beer though. Just because mommy and daddy do it, that doesn’t mean you can too! Lol. Good stuff.


  10. I love watching my kids pick up language. It is a little thrill every time their cute little mouths wrap themselves around a new syllable. We are working on an ‘s’ sound at the moment. He still can’t do it, but he will sometime soon and it will be amazing.


  11. You have a long, fun lexicographic adventure in front of you. Just remember….babies hear everything. And they repeat it. One of the greatest, most epic beatings I ever got from my parents came because of a swear word my brother picked up watching Robin Williams’ stand up on HBO. Apparently, I should have known better than to let him watch it. Awwww, shucks.


  12. Another cute Baby C Chronicle! What on earth happened that he bit hard enough to draw blood? That is reserved for some pretty major sh…er…stuff.


  13. Cute! Kids say the funniest things and when they are trying to be serious it can be difficult not to laugh



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  15. Oh my gosh. So. Cute.


  16. With shucks as his starting point, it could be much worse.


  17. my kids are soo amused to say, Damn it. every time are frustrated. i have to say it makes them smile because feel like they’re being bad and they forget all about why they’re frustrated. i’ll take it.


  18. Totally adorbs. I love it!


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