Help! I’m Stuck!

Baby C likes to play games. One of the many games he likes to play is what I have affectionately dubbed the “Stuck” game. The “Stuck” game is when Baby C, no matter where he happens to be, decides that he’s stuck, trapped by some evil, imaginary force, and requires my assistance to escape.

Yesterday morning after I had gotten dressed, I headed downstairs and prepared myself a cup of coffee (COFFEH!). I was sitting at the computer enjoying the latest Facebook memes when I heard Baby C stirring, his restful night’s slumber at an end.

“Daddy? Daddy?” his adorably cute voice fluttered from upstairs.

“I’m comin’, baby.”

“I’m stuck. Daddy, I’m stuck.” I knew he wasn’t really stuck, this was his game.

Normally when he’s “stuck” I have to grab him by the hand and help him up. I then get an extremely relieved, “Thank you, Daddy.” I expected to find Baby C perched by his baby gate as I normally do when he wakes up in the morning, but he wasn’t there when I reached the top of the staircase.

I walked to his door and peered into his room. He was still underneath his blankets clutching his Scout puppy dog (who also doubles as his pillow). He noticed my head peek through the doorway and again made a plea for help. “Daddy, I’m stuck!”

“You’re stuck? Oh no! I’m coming!”

I reached into his room and flipped the light switch, flooding the room with dull yellow light. This, evidently, was all the rescuing he needed. He immediately propped himself up on an elbow, ripped off his covers, and hopped out of bed while he heaved an exasperated sigh of relief. “Thank you, Daddy.” Evidently the dastardly villain who had captured my son was vulnerable to light and was immediately vanquished by my energy-saving bulb’s mighty rays.

And so, having brilliantly saved my son once again from vile invisible forces, we went on about our morning and had a normal day. It totally made my day to know I’m so good that I rescued him without even having to step foot in his room. I’ll be receiving my “Best Dad Evar!” coffee mug soon. Coffeh!

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29 Comments on Help! I’m Stuck!

  1. He’s quite stubborn, too. He gets mad every time he tries to tow one of his cars with Mater and it doesn’t work. Lol.


  2. They are the best, especially in the morning. Can make a day. Adorable. : )


  3. Always useful to have a superhero on scream-dial^^


  4. i miss being stuck in those baby days. 🙂


  5. You are my hero…


  6. Energy-saving light bulbs – the bane of all evil!

    Also, your “scout” toy suspiciously resembles “Sparky” from my Moonshine submission. I will get to the bottom of this mystery!


  7. Best Dad Evar!” coffee mug

    I don’t if I am willing to give mine up. 😉


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