I Can Sleep Later

There used to be a time when I could sleep in. I could stay snuggled under my blankets until 10, 11, or even 12 o’clock. I could stay up into the wee hours of the morning without fear of being woken at the break of dawn. Those times are a distant memory now, stolen by age and the cutest damned toddler on the entire planet.

Slightly after the sun’s vitalizing ray’s crested over the eastern horizon this morning, the innocent voice of my sweet Baby C drifted into my ears and rustled me from my slumber.


I laid there for a moment, silent and unmoving, hoping he would go back to sleep, but that would not be the case.


I peeled my covers off and sluggishly sauntered to his door, where he awaited me at his surprisingly still affective baby gate.

“Are you ready to go downstairs?” he asked with so much enthusiasm that you can’t do anything but happily acquiesce.

“Okay, baby, but we need to change your butt first.”

“Okay! Let’s go downstairsssssssss!” he exclaimed once he had a clean diaper affixed to his tushy.

I carried him down the stairs, where his attention immediately went to the Christmas tree we erected in the living room yesterday.

“Turn the lights on?” he requested.

I plugged in the lights, illuminating the tree with glowing bulbs of red, green, blue, and pink.

“It’s the lights on!!” he happily declared. He then plopped his little butt down on his miniature Sesame Street couch, and quietly stared in wonderment at the magical Christmas tree.

Baby C mesmerized by the tree.

He remained there until the flash of my camera snapped him out of his trance, and he absolutely had to see the picture I had just taken of him. He then demanded that I put on Chip and Dale cartoons so he could watch them for the 13245765512th time.

As I sit here slowly nursing my morning cup of coffee, the sound of Disney cartoons filling my frigid living room as Baby C stares intently at the television while simultaneously munching on muffins, I realize that sleep is overrated. I can sleep some other time. I would much rather carry these memories with me than have an extra hour or two of sleep. These are the moments that make life worth living.

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49 Comments on I Can Sleep Later

  1. Love the new look.

    Keep them memories close. Make so many of them and capture them all. Mine are 15 and 17 and I wish I had made more.



    These moments are little pockets of happiness.


  3. agreed. there will be a time to sleep again, but this is a time to appreciate.enjoy. 🙂


  4. I secretly love that my 15 mth old comes in to bed with me every night. I snuggle and inhale him in between karate kicks to the back and head butts to the nose. I miss sleep but like you said…I can sleep later.


  5. I miss my nephew in his toddler years. Now he’s almost 10. They grow up so quick, doesn’t seem fair sometimes.


  6. Your piece was so sweet and filled with love. I love waking up with Stuphblog in my cup.

    I say this in all groveling deference to your Imperial Stormtrooper Daddy-ness.

    The Demon Seed(tm) is visiting for the weekend. Won’t see her for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. It’s the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and we have two tickets for Day of the Doctor in 3D Monday night. Clearly my genius at parenting has paid off handsomely.

    There is a certain melancholy induced by holiday recollections of my daughter as a small child. Her delight at this time of year, my happiness in decorating the entire house just for her.
    There is also the balance and beautiful warmth to know that she retains all the happiness and wonder of a toddler now.

    Yer doiin’ right Twindaddy! An extra hour in bed is a no-brainer trade for an hour with your son at the holidays.
    No matter what the age.


  7. Agreed. As long as there’s coffee! (I miss those days. 22 is a lot different)


  8. Aren’t they the best! So sweet. : ) Worth every moment.


  9. What a beautiful morning and a cute pic!


  10. I have my 19 year old baby home for Thanksgiving, and am running around with a silly grin on my face. They’ll always be your baby, but there are precious moments that will never come back. I’m glad you are enjoying them in the moment. You are twice blessed–once because you are, and twice because you know it. Best wishes to you all.


  11. I don’t have children but I can imagine it must be awesome to have moments like this…


  12. Sleeping is overrated for sure (although i love it!). You miss too much! I have the reverse now. I have to wake my college kids up just to spend normal waking hours with them. Don’t know if I’d go back even though I’d like to be a little younger (but not much). Sweet story. Hope you get a nap. Half time!!!


  13. Your post this morning made my day! It brought back such happy memories of when my daughter was little. I was lucky because my daughter loved to sleep late, so I would get to sleep until 9:30 a.m. on the weekends (she is now an adult who still hates to get up in the morning). With a toddler every morning is a new adventure & a chance to a fresh new start, no matter what happened the day before. Thanks for the follow & the beautiful memory!


  14. I know that exact feeling. Sleep is overrated


  15. Having grandchildren – 3 1/2 years and 4 months – brings me back to the wonderment of the holiday. They find so much joy in the simplest pleasures. Pretty lights on the tree 🙂


  16. I know. It compels me.


  17. He’s adorable^^ May you have many more pleasant mornings with him.


  18. We can learn a lot from kids, from the way they just absorb the moment. So cute.


  19. Cutest picture EVER! He’s so adorable.


  20. Oh boy, how those good old days come back to me. What’s sleep when you can store up those sweet memories for later.


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