I See Your Smacker!

If you have ever wondered just where my silliness comes from, you needn’t look any farther than my mother. I come by it honestly, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My mother watches Baby C for me while I’m away at work, blogging toiling dutifully and earning that bi-weekly paycheck. She enjoys having Baby C just as much as he enjoys going there. My mornings with him are spent mostly trying to keep him from running out the front door so he can go to Grandma’s house.

“Okay! Are you ready to go to Grandma’s house?” he asks me every time I make a move.

My mother plays this little game with Baby C. If he bends over or otherwise shows his butt, my mother says, “I see your smacker!” and smacks him (playfully, of course) on the tushy.

On Thanksgiving after a wonderful meal at Revis’ house, my urchins and I went home for the evening. The twins left around 9 because they wanted to go Black Thursday Friday shopping with their mother. After they left I took Baby C upstairs for his shower. It has to be a shower. He’d much rather have a shower than take a bath.

We played “get you” while going up the stairs, which consists of putting my hands up like a zombie while I say, “Alright, I’m gonna get ‘im!” and him running up the stairs, giggling uncontrollably. Once we were in his room I plopped him down on the changing table and commenced undressing him.

Once his clothes were off and his diaper removed, Baby C turned and began smacking his ass with his left hand repeatedly.

“What are you doing, weirdo?” I inquired , perplexed.

“It’s my smacker!” he answered excitedly.

Of course, I laughed at his, and at my mother’s, silliness. We then headed to the bathroom where I readied the shower and helped him into the tub.

English: shower head Deutsch: Duschkopf

Forget baths. Taking a shower is where it’s at. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Baby C played with his Cars bath toys and ran in and out of the stream of water gushing from the shower head while he sporadically reminded me that he was, in fact, taking a shower (Daddy! I takin’ a shower!), I was lost in reflection. I realized just how lucky my children are. I didn’t have the privilege of seeing my grandmother so often. We never lived in the same town. I never knew my grandmother the way my children know their’s.

My maternal grandmother passed away when I was 7. Until that time I saw her maybe once or twice a year. I didn’t really know her. The only real memories I have of her are attacking me with kisses at the beginning of every visit and asking mom if I had to let her do that. The twins will be 14 tomorrow. They’ve known their grandmother twice as long as I knew mine. They will have lasting memories that I don’t have. Baby C has probably spent more time with his grandmother in the last six months than I did my entire life with mine. And that makes me euphoric.

Baby C can smack his smacker all he wants. I am very happy he has the opportunity to be influenced by the woman who made me the man I am today.

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37 Comments on I See Your Smacker!

  1. Your children are fortunate, indeed.


  2. What a treasure. The bond between my kids and their Papa is priceless. They are so lucky but I’m sure if you asked him, he would say he is the lucky one.


  3. The twins already have. I hope Baby C does, as well.


  4. This is a sweet post, SS. My grandma isn’t a kisser, which is why I love her so much.


  5. I concur. Like a doctor.


  6. My children are have been lucky to grow up with my parent’s and my grandparent’s (there great grandparents) they are both still alive and in there 90’s.


  7. awww… loved it… I loved it so much I gave it three smacks on my own smacker!!!


  8. Oh, I love it. You are right to consider yourself lucky to have not just your Mom, but your brother so close.

    One grandmother lived with us until I was 3 and she died. The other was paralyzed with Parkinsons’ long before I was born, so while she lived until I was 10 and I saw her several time a year, I didn’t know her at all. It is sad.

    One of my biggest regrets with my son is that we are so far away from my family. We make a lot of effort to get together, but my brother lives 10 hours away. We see my husband’s family a lot — the ones that are local are really not a lot of fun. The ones that descend at holidays are more fun but exhausting!


    • We lived about 5 hours from our extended family growing up. Not a long trip, but also not one you’re going to make very often. It would have been nice to see them more often.


  9. It’s so good Baby C gets to hang out with his gramma. Mine died when I was 8, and even though she lived with us for a while, she was sick for most of the time I knew her. I hope my kids have plenty of time to spend with grandma.


  10. But…smacker.


  11. Awwww. Kids get so much out of those relationships. My kids are really close with my parents too and I often think exactly the same thing.


  12. Awwwwwww! Be still my beating heart 🙂 I’m also so grateful that M-L has her Nana, my mommy 🙂


  13. Family’s everything, aint it. My maternal grandmother died when I was six. I remember her well, but wish I’d had more time with her.


  14. Natalie DeYoung // December 4, 2013 at 1:06 pm // Reply

    Kids ALWAYS pick up on the butt stuff. 😉 And yours are lucky to have a grandma to teach them.


  15. This is awesome. My baby K started talking about his “butt” today, and I realized it was my fault. I wasn’t ready for his word explosion. So I’m gonna take the word “smacker” from your mom, if that’s okay. Because that is awesome. Loved this.


  16. grandparents are so special, and any kid who gets any quality time with them is so lucky. i had mine for varying degrees… between 14 and my last grandma just died 2 years ago, so we had a long solid beautiful relationship. i miss her so. grandparents are our history and should be treasured, unfortunately often they leave us before we realize it.


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