25 songs 25 days

Day 17 – A song that makes you want to dance

Sorry, ladies. This trooper doesn’t shake his groove thang. He simply watches from the booth and laughs while slowly succumbing to spirits.

Dancing just isn’t my thing. Never has been. I’ll sometimes bob my head to the beat of a song I’m feeling. I’ll occasionally tap my toes. Often I’ll tap my fingers to the beat of the drum. But I just don’t dance. I don’t like to do it – probably because I know I’ll be making an ass of myself if I try.

There was, however, an incident at Revis’ wedding reception. See, I’m a big fan of the following video, particularly the part at 4m41s (You hafta watch at least those few seconds of the video to understand the humor in the rest of this post.). It’s an outrageous dance move, and I laugh damn near every time I watch this video.

So after a few SoCo and Cokes, when this song came on….well, I performed those same moves. And it was a hit. EVERYONE was coming up to me the rest of the night, asking me to do it just one more time. Even at the after-party, I had cousins coming up to me asking me to do the stupid dance again. I told them I needed the song to inspire me, and I’ll be damned if they didn’t find it somehow and play it. Fuckers.

Anyhow, here’s that damned song (which is unfathomably catchy)…Cotton Eyed Joe.

Audience Participation Time!
What song gives you the dancing itch?