Ten Things of Thankful #56

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Superbitch (My ex-wife. FYI, she chose that moniker, not me). My mood immediately soured, and I become instantly annoyed. I cannot explain why, but having to deal with her any more irritates the piss out of me. I opened her email and found that she needed me to keep Baby C for the entirety of this past week. No reason was given and I didn’t ask.

I was momentarily torn. I, of course, love having the extra time with Baby C, but a small, childish part of me wanted to say no simply to spite her and ruin whatever plans she had. Of course, I then became annoyed at myself for feeling so petty. Ultimately, I agreed, and I’m glad I did. Baby C and I had a wonderful week together of wrestling, watching Chuggingtons, and playing with his train set. And best of all, he only woke up in the middle of the night once this past week, and it was last Saturday, so I was able to make up that lost sleep in the morning.

In the couple of weeks since my last TToT post there have been multiple other things to give thanks for:

  • My mother made it to her 64th birthday.
  • My niece had her 2nd birthday.
  • My sister-in-law (Mrs. Revis) had her 33rd birthday
  • I was finally able to get my pup to the groomer and she looks about 50lbs lighter now
  • Mother nature graced us with golden skies after a storm the other night
  • I finally got the Published Bloggers page up that I’d been working on for the last couple of weeks
  • I wrote another duet with the fabulous and talented Miss Hasty, then we proceeded to drunk tweet innuendo at each other last night

Yesterday I wrote a pretty emotional piece about suicide which received an enormous amount of support. Many of you donated immediately and I have already surpassed the modest donation goal I set for myself. That by itself amazed and surprised me. Many others of you shared the post via Facebook or Twitter to get that post out there for maximum exposure. I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from you guys and I cannot properly articulate how very much I appreciate your efforts to support me in this endeavor. You all give my heart the warm and fuzzies, which is a somewhat foreign feeling to this trooper, and I’m not sure how to handle it.

Not surprisingly, by the time I had finished writing, proofreading (which I did a very crummy job at, apparently, because I was still finding typos in it while I was drunk last night), and publishing that post, I was emotionally spent and on the verge of tears. My very, very good friend Lizzi was there for me and talked me in to a better mood. Thank you so much for your your support and friendship, Lizzi. You are one of but many people who make me wish hard for teleportation technology to exist because England is just too damned far away from me to visit you and give you a hug.

All in all, the last couple of weeks have been pretty kind to me. Peace out, Maphia. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Query: What are you thankful for, meatbag?


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53 Comments on Ten Things of Thankful #56

  1. I’m thankful for someone who — despite all that’s happening in her life — has spent the better part of her week making sure I’m okay and helping me with insurance/doctors and finding phone numbers so I don’t have to.


  2. Why wouldn’t you be?


  3. lots o birthdays, a week alone with the kiddo, and a good doggie grooming… good times!

    Read your suicide walk piece… we do that walk every year as well in honor of my friends brothers … they were twins.. sweet, funny guys but apparently more tortured than anyone knew… its a great experience to do the walk and hear stories etc as well… thanks for doing it!


  4. I’m thankful that I just ran across your list! I’m gonna read the piece you mentioned and go hug the little kiddo (who is now big) who used to ask me to play trains 🙂


  5. I am thankful that I finally took on a New Year’s resolution and started blogging this year. Who would have thought I would discover so many fascinating stories, interesting people and made so many new friends 🙂


  6. Oh man, I used to have to make those train tracks all the time. We have literally over 200 pieces – branch lines, roundhouses, connectors, etc. My oldest son demanded certain tunnels and bridges and crossings, and he was very specific! Eventually I had to turn it into a collaborative effort and taught him how to do it. now he does it for his brother. I still like doing them, even if I pretend not to 🙂

    Glad you had time with the wee one 🙂



  7. I’m so glad you’ve had a great week, TD. You’ve earned it, and then some.


  8. Glad I stopped by your list. Sounds like a great week with your son. The post on suicide you wrote was powerful. I’m glad you are raising your son to know about the uncle he never got to meet.


  9. *HGUGGGS* Awwwh. I do care, though, and I’m glad you and I chatted and that I could be there for you. It was an amazing piece, but obviously *so* hard to write. I’m proud of you for doing it, though, and REALLY happy you exceeded your target already. That’s awesome.

    And well done for taking the moral high ground. I’m glad you had fun with baby C.


  10. I’m thankful for you! I’m back. I’m dusting off the keyboard and I’ll be writing and reading again. I’ve missed it and my brain is full. I’ve missed you. I hope after a week with you that Baby C is doing better in his own bed too.


  11. I am glad that you did the right thing and in the end got to spend priceless time with Baby C. I read your duet with Hasty and commented on it. It stole my breath. You two write well together, as I may have mentioned. I’m glad Lizzi was there for you when you needed her. I know she never sleeps and is usually always available but I hope you know if you ever need anything, I’m around. I read your post the other night, on my phone, standing at my kitchen counter. My phone is an ass and I don’t try to comment from it. I could only stand there with not a thing to say anyway. It was….I don’t know. I can’t really find the word. Heartbreaking doesn’t seem to be big enough. If it’s not too late, I would like to contribute. I have the post open in another tab and will be heading there shortly.
    I’m so glad you made it here this week, TD. It’s always nice to see the good.


    • The walk isn’t until October, so there is still plenty of time left to donate.

      As for Lizzie and Hasty, the are both amazing people and I feel incredibly blessed to know them.

      And thank you for your offer, Sandy. I appreciate it very much.


  12. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // July 13, 2014 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    I love that your time with Baby C ended up being wonderful and fabulous and I know what you mean about wanting to be petty with things like bitchy exes. Going to read your suicide piece now – a friend of mine’s son committed suicide a few years ago and rather than hiding under her bed, she’s become a great support system for teens.


  13. Happy birthdays to the birthday people! Glad you got to experience a whole week of delicious parenty goodness, and I give you credit for being the Bigger Person, because that’s not always easy with exes.
    I read your post, and appreciated it completely, having lost my brother by suicide when he was 17, and I was 13. I love AFSP and have met some amazing people through that organization. It’s a great group!


  14. 🙂


  15. Wow, this was some week where it sounds like you were able to find some better in some bad. I’m glad you got to spend the extra time with Baby C and feel some love through the blogosphere.


  16. The pic of Baby C is fucking adorable.


  17. I’ve just begun to see your posts around the internet so I have a lot of catch up reading to do. So far I like what I have found. Your boy is adorable – he looks just like you.


  18. Have a great week



  19. I then became annoyed at myself for feeling so petty.

    This is an astonishing show of self-awareness and maturity. Many people never get to this point. Congratulations on being a fully-functioning adult. It’s people like you who should be raising children.


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