Despite the apathy plaguing me for the last week (depression’s a bitch) and my muse being in hiding, I still have plenty of things to be grateful for.

I have had DSL internet at this trooper’s headquarters for the last year and a half. DSL is ridiculously slow. After looking around, I found out that Time Warner offered broadband (which is 8x faster than what I had) for 10 bucks less a month. So I signed up on Monday and after three days of ridiculously inept customer service from their “tech support” I finally convinced them to get a tech out here. Once he ascertained the problem (the wire was disconnected at the box outside my headquarters), I had flawless and ample internet service. Baby C can now watch his Thomas the Train YouTube videos and play PBS Kids without lag.

"Weird Al" Yankovic
“Weird Al” Yankovic

Monday also saw the release of the new “Weird Al” Yankovic album. Longtime followers of this here weblog know just what a huge fan I am of Weird Al, and I finally picked up the new album this morning. One of the songs from this new album has already gone viral, and it’s one his best ever, in this trooper’s opinion. That song has become a rallying cry for grammar nazis everywhere. If you haven’t heard Word Crimes yet, give it a listen…

The 16th was a very special day. It was my brother Revis’ birthday! Because of our schedules we have not had time to celebrate together, but hopefully we can figure something out soon.

The twins had been pestering me to see the new transformers movie for the last couple of weeks. On Wednesday,  I finally had a chance to take them. The movie was pretty good, but needlessly long. The amount of time spent on the background of Mark Wahlberg’s character was excessive, and the predictability of his disdain for his daughter’s suitor is a tired story. Still, the movie was pretty entertaining.

Lastly, because of my new high speed internet connection, I was finally able to have a video chat with my favorite Brit, Lizzi, who informed me that my laptop wasn’t laptoppy because it doesn’t have a webcam. She also found it mildly hilarious when I said “ohhhhhhhhhhh” when I finally grasped understanding of something. It was good to finally meet her and have a conversation with her. She also met the twins, and apologized to Baby A for his frequent deaths while playing Mass Effect.

So, despite my demons dragging me down, some good things happened this week. Take THAT, demons! Assholes.


Query: What are you thankful for, meatbag?