I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk lately. I haven’t had that blogging feeling for the last few weeks. The only thing I’ve really felt like writing is poetry, which is what happens when I dip into these moods.

My good pal Lizzi invited me to drop some rhymes over at her side-project blog, Well Tempered Bards. I was quite honored by the invitation (still am) because I envy Lizzi’s talent with words. That she thinks enough of my poetry to ask me to contribute humbled and honored me.

Please head over to check out my poem (and read the disclaimer first), and if you’re a fan of poetry follow the blog. Lizzi is an amazing poet, and she frequently features other bloggers and their poetic talents.

Thank you again for having me, Lizzi.

The Well Tempered Bards

It’s funny where the mind takes you when you’re writing. I started this poem with a completely different direction in mind, but this is where it ended when the words took control and guided me towards their intended destination. DISCLAIMER: This is not how I feel and does not represent anything going on in my life, this is just where my words led me.

Drun Suicide

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