You were there for me
Through thick and through thin
You listened to me
As I confessed every sin

Your ear was snagged
And under devious guise
Your head was filled
With detestable lies

Despite our history
Despite all you know
You believed those claims
Of our friendship you let go

With your new-found “knowledge”
You claimed I hate women
That I have a rescue complex
And make alcohol-fueled decisions

For someone who’s known me
So well and so long
How you could be so wrong

Yes, I drink often
But before that I amassed
Just peruse my past

I’m far from perfect
I do make mistakes
I’m a conniving snake

You think I hate women?
That’s quite absurd
Among the dumbest of things
I’ve ever heard

I’ve stood up for women
Time and again
In fact there are women
Among my best friends

I have one hero, in fact
And she’s a woman, you see
She carried
              she cared
                              she birthed
              she raised
                          she sacrificed
She made me completely

I’m really not sure
How all this you concluded
But it’s evident to me
You’re quite deluded

I wish things were different
Wish we could have worked out
These differences between us
Gone the peaceful route

So long, dear friend
I guess this is how it must be
It’s the end of the road
How very sad to see

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