Troubled Parting

You were there for me
Through thick and through thin
You listened to me
As I confessed every sin

Your ear was snagged
And under devious guise
Your head was filled
With detestable lies

Despite our history
Despite all you know
You believed those claims
Of our friendship you let go

With your new-found “knowledge”
You claimed I hate women
That I have a rescue complex
And make alcohol-fueled decisions

For someone who’s known me
So well and so long
How you could be so wrong

Yes, I drink often
But before that I amassed
Just peruse my past

I’m far from perfect
I do make mistakes
I’m a conniving snake

You think I hate women?
That’s quite absurd
Among the dumbest of things
I’ve ever heard

I’ve stood up for women
Time and again
In fact there are women
Among my best friends

I have one hero, in fact
And she’s a woman, you see
She carried
              she cared
                              she birthed
              she raised
                          she sacrificed
She made me completely

I’m really not sure
How all this you concluded
But it’s evident to me
You’re quite deluded

I wish things were different
Wish we could have worked out
These differences between us
Gone the peaceful route

So long, dear friend
I guess this is how it must be
It’s the end of the road
How very sad to see

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50 Comments on Troubled Parting

  1. Ouch, but wonderfully done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bummer. But sometimes pulling off the band-aid is the best way.


  3. My heart feels with you – it really sucks when such things happen. And this is very well written indeed. 🙂 (HUGS)


  4. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. 😦


  5. Last time I checked, I was a woman, and I’m certain you don’t hate the female population….not even when one of them posts a pic of your water logged soccer ball on the internet!

    You’re shiny, TD!


  6. wait… what does this have to do with… oh… wait… that is ‘troubled parting’… not ‘trouble farting’… I promise I will keep my glasses handy from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh buddy. I haven’t visited you in so long. The anguish and turmoil in this is… present. I love how you indent lines, gives your prose a cool pacing.

    I so wish you could tear yourself away from the ghosts in your closet you evil woman-hater you (wink-wink). Sigh.


  8. Sad for this 😦


  9. This sounds painful. Losing a friend is never easy.


  10. I’m sorry you have to go through this shit. We all know you’re a good guy. I hope it gets better for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Gotta keep it real, man, good on you for taking the hard line. Respect.


  12. Beautiful and sad poem that I wish you didn’t have to write.


  13. I am sad reading this. Sorry for it really.


  14. It’s strange that a friend can judge so hard. Friends are supposed to know you, to listen to your story before judging… I’m sorry that this happened. But maybe such a friend is not the kind of person you need around you…?
    (Not that I can judge, actually, but I feel like you deserve people who are willing to see things from your side as well.)


  15. Very heartfelt and real TD. I too liked the physical structure with the indents. The content was sad but appropriate.


  16. Incredible statement in powerful words. It’s always a sad state of affairs when someone allows the negative thoughts of others delude their own.


  17. Anyone who thinks you hate women, must not be very…coffeh. You certainly support me, and last time I checked…yep..woman..

    And wow…look at you with your poetry skill. Nice.


  18. You beast of a man, you. : ) It’s quite obvious that many of your followers are females. This alone makes this particular accusation seem irrational. Strange.


  19. The emotions portrayed in this post!Loved it 🙂


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