One of my favorite bands, Seether, just released a new album last month. Their lead single off the new album is entitled Words As Weapons. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for a couple of reasons. The first is that it’s a kick ass song. The second reason, though, is because the song resonates with me due to recent events. I’ve been assaulted with words repeatedly over the last few months, and as much as I don’t want to care what these people say (because it’s 99% bullshit), the truth is that I do.

Once you let someone inside your outer defenses, they can literally cripple you. I’ve been had by a couple of Trojan horses recently, so this song has meant a lot to me and helped me realize that there are just broken people out there and I can’t help them all. Fuck, I can barely help myself half the time. So, this morning, as I was listening to this song on repeat for the 78,234,789,234,765th time, I decided that I needed to write a poem inspired by this song. This is the result of that. Or something…


You repeatedly asked
I kept you at bay
When finally I caved
You made your get away


You stealthily slipped out
Through the back door of my life
When I thought you couldn’t hurt me again
Into my back plunged your knife

You keep living in your own lie
Ever deceitful and ever unfaithful
Keep me guessing, keep me terrified
Take everything from my world

You weaved words together
A tapestry of lies
Tall tales spun
To make me despised


I don’t know the fable
Or what words were spoken
But the ultimate result
Was another friendship broken

Keep me locked up in your broken mind
I keep searching, never been able
To find a light behind your dead eyes
Not anything at all

You often told me
How petty you could be
But I just couldn’t see
Past your kindness to me


Looking through the rearview
I can clearly observe
How much hatred you feel
Your inhumanity preserved

Keep me dumb, keep me paralyzed
Why try swimming? I’m drowning in fable
You’re not that saint that you externalize
You’re not anything at all

You must have been caught
An apprehension divine
Like the sun after a storm
Your true colors now shine


You scramble to cover
Your trail of sins
Words as weapons
The fallout begins

It’s all so playful when you demonize
To spit out the hateful, you’re willing and able
Your words are weapons of the terrified
You’re nothing in my world

In hindsight my vision is clear
I misjudged you from the start
Another hard lesson learned
Another scar on my heart


You’ll probably never know
You’ll probably never care
How lethal your spiteful words were
How my heart’s in disrepair

Say, “Can you help me?” right before the fall
Take what you can and leave me to the wolves

*All italicized text are lyrics from Words As Weapons, by Seether.

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31 Comments on Defamation

  1. There is nothing like the perfect song when you’re feeling low. First you get to think about what’s happened. Then you get to wallow in anger and misery for a bit. Then you get to pull yourself out of the shit and get on with life.

    I have a song for each of my life’s major heartbreaks and losses. For the ones that I found after someone died, they bring back the love that made the loss so hard to bear. For the ones that helped me mend my broken heart, they make me feel lucky for life’s twists. Music really does so the the savage in me!


  2. . . . . the truth is that I do.


    This was quite obvious when you wanted to remove your blog.

    Become comfortable numb a become comfortable with YOU. : )


  3. The coaster. My coaster I presume. The climb was slow, hard and steep. The decent was fast and . . . . then started the climb again . . . and again. Eventually, I started to feel a slight level in between. A moment in time to me and here we go again. Weeeeee . . . .


  4. Ouch! Good poetry though. I have a funny counterpart to your song if you’re in the mood for something less desperate…


  5. Never heard of this Seether before, but now I have this song on repeat.


  6. As you know I also have my repeat song days…..
    All I really want is something beautiful to say…. Nice song, good lyrics.

    I wish there is a place, were people do not lie, where there is no deception and no hurtful words to spin. We all get along – we all are friends. No tears to cry. Only joy and smiles. Who are you kidding Serins – that’s all in your head!

    (Hugs) to you.


  7. I seem to have a thing for last lines – these are awesome as well. Your whole pome is (but my English is slightly to basic to fully appreciate it without using Google Translate).

    I still don’t get why people can be so rude to you though :/


  8. This woman did a real number on you.
    I’m sorry.


    • Yeah. It’s all good, though. As I said, another lesson learned. My circle is smaller and I have more warning signs with which to weed people out in the future.


  9. What gets me when the horrible stuff happens is the battering trust takes. And then I trust all over again. A bit stupid but I’d rather have trust constantly renewed than live without it. A bit more cautious in circumstances that look like they could be repeats but still prepared to believe the possibility of honesty.
    I’m sorry you have had your trust battered. It’s shitty and unnecessary so much of the time. But that’s a reflection on the other person – the shitter. Being the shittee sucks but at least you can wash the crap off while they get to walk around full of it.
    Great poem, TD. It hurts to read of hurt but you explain it so well.


  10. Very powerful words. Greatly written poem weaved nicely with the lyrics of the song. Keep expressing yourself, soon you will heal. πŸ™‚


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