People Say

I came across a blogger during the A to Z Challenge in April. I believe I found her when she guest-posted on a blog I follow. I hopped on over to her blog to check it out and was so impressed I began following her even though her blog was hosted on Blogger. THAT’S how impressive her writing is. To me, at any rate. Thankfully, she has since made the transition to WordPress and has already been Freshly Pressed!

In the past few months I’ve gotten to know her very well and I value our friendship immensely. I’ve written with her before but this is our first poetic duet. Please, please, please hop over to Considerings and check out her blog and amazing prose.

Written by Lizzi and Twindaddy

People Say

People say they love me
That I’m funny and wise
Yet all my ears can hear
Are vile, contemptible lies

I think you’re jerking me around
Blowing smoke up my behind
Your words will never pierce
My disbelieving mind

People say I’m likeable
But they don’t even know
The vile tumbling depths of
Rancid thoughts I keep below

I think you think you mean it
But there’s no way you could see
The monster hid beneath this skin
The deep-down truly me

stormtrooper_vector_art_by_jupitz-d5lshpiPeople say I matter
That my voice makes a difference
But I don’t understand
Such is my diffidence

I appreciate the sentiment
And its momentary elation
But then my mind reminds me
It’s all mindless adulation

Sometimes I wonder if I’m wrong
Or messed up in the head
I just think you’d be better off
With someone else instead

Your friendship matters deeply
It’s not that I don’t care
But you got a crappy bargain
And I just don’t think it’s fair

stormtrooper_armorEveryone else seems to be
            better looking
I always come up short when
Measured by another’s ruler

I’ll never see myself
The way you see me
I’ll always see the
I am destined to be

How can I silence
The voices in my head
Which tell me you’d be
Better off instead

With someone worthwhile
Why did you choose me?
Half of me loves you for it
While I laugh at your stupidity

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Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Always genuine.

62 Comments on People Say

  1. The two of you are good! And have written out of the depths of my own soul. ….

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  2. Nicely done. I have to admit I have moments like this myself… I suspect everyone does.

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  3. Your second stanza is like a record on repeat in my head. Well done, you two.

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  4. Obviously I’m stalking your blog today. Catching up sounds better. But you left while I was on vacation and I didn’t know what happened and didn’t want to ask as I figured it’s none of my business. But I’m glad you’re back. And your poetry rocks. And Lizzi rocks. “I appreciate the sentiment and it’s momentary elation, but then my mind reminds me it’s just mindless adulation” Yep. I relate. Sometimes I feel like I’m chasing that moment of elation so I can fool myself a while longer. Is that a trait of writers? Or bloggers? Or just damaged people? Either way, it created a pretty great piece of poetry.

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    • Yeah, sorry about that. I had somewhat of a breakdown and overreacted by shutting everything down. I was talked back into this by MANY people and, frankly, I’m glad they did. I do like it here despite all of the setbacks I’ve encountered.

      “Is that a trait of writers? Or bloggers? Or just damaged people?”

      In my experience, writers, bloggers, and damaged people are all the same person. So to answer your questions, yes.

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  5. The whole thing is very good — the last stanza rings so true for me — it’s almost disrespectful or contemptuous of us to tell others they’re wrong to love us. Like, who the shuddering fuck are you to tell me not to love you? Self-loathing is a double-edged sword, cutting those around us who would like to wrap their arms around us and love us.

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  6. Smashing last lines. Terrible feeling, but well written!

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  7. When I was young I was very shy and unwilling to let people get to know me for fear they wouldn’t like me if they knew me. Somewhere I realized that some people were going to like me, and some weren’t regardless. So I threw caution to the wind. I’ve been a much stronger happier person as a result.

    Of course, most people think I’m an asshole.

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  8. Beautifully written you two. Well done. You paint a vivid picture of what the struggle looks like. Hard to do.


  9. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // August 22, 2014 at 9:57 pm // Reply

    FUCK FUCK FUCK. I get this, and feel this, and while I understand, want to shake my amazing girl Lizzi and tell her tell her, until she gets and she believes that we are not stupid, those of us who know. Those of us who know the power of her words, know the power of her words and her import, and ALSO – sadly – too many of us know the power of the dickheadfuckers in her head. So while we get it, and we FEEL it in our own selves, every day, sometimes, and not for months, sometimes, don’t want HER or YOU or ANYBODY to ever ever fucking get it. Lizzi. TD. You guys. You fucking matter. All. ALL ALL ALL of us do. Even when we’re convinced we don’t and you know what – those of us who feel and FEEL? Are going to change the fucking world. ALso, it’s my birthday so I’m totally right and this is pretty much non-negotiable. Unless, um, you have something to say… WAIT! Nope. totally negotiable said my head. And my heart. Fuck that other dickhead.


  10. Well written! I think this will resonate with many, as we always see the worst in ourselves. 😦


  11. I read the poem and I have to say it was difficult to see where one of you ended and the other began. You write well together. This is harsh and I really dislike that either of you feel this way. I do too sometimes so it’s strange that I feel offended that you guys do. I tell you, Lizzi, all the time how much you matter but I get it. I do. TD, you and I are still dancing around in the getting to know you stage so this may be the first time I tell you…you matter. I am grateful to have found both of you here. It won’t be the last time you hear this.

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