Mistress of Heartache

My mind is sometimes a burden. Okay, it’s often times a burden. Last night this poem popped into my head (‘ello, mate) and wouldn’t let me go to sleep until I had written it. This is actually me attempting to rewrite a poem I had written a long time ago, but had unfortunately lost. My brain just would not be denied last night, though. So in the darkness of my room I grabbed my phone and put most of this together. I hope you like it.

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Mistress of heartache

Enchant me with promises untrue
     Seduce me with eyes, crystal blue
          Convince me we’ll never be torn apart
               Lure me in then shatter my heart

Mistress of heartache

Serenade me with words insincere
Tell me exactly what I want to hear     
Take my hand and lead me astray          
Capture me wholly then run away               

 Mistress of heartache

Entrance me with your bewitching smile
     Ensnare me with your mystical guile
          Assault me with your primal desire
               Take my love then set it afire

Mistress of heartache

Charm me with your laugh, fabricated
Command me, I’m utterly captivated     
Breach my naked emotional wall           
Pull the rug then watch me fall                

Mistress of heartache

Use me to fill your selfish needs
     Tie me up and commit dirty deeds
          Whisper to me a cruel lullaby
               Consume my soul then leave me to die

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15 Comments on Mistress of Heartache

  1. Part of me found this heartbreaking… The other part sort of erotic. All I know is this is fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No wonder it would not let you go to sleep….. that kind of thing just needs to be shared. 🙂 It is really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WOW, TD! I really like this one, a lot!


  4. You are just turning out some really fabulous poems. Loved this one!


  5. You know, I’m really beginning to dig this poetry thing y’all have going on. This one is terrific, TD! Really. I’m not sure what it says about me but I especially liked the last verse.

    Liked by 1 person

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