Miles to Go

I found a new partner to duet with! The amazingly talented Laura Ashley Lord approached ME and asked to write with me. Folks, when a writer/poet as talented as Laura approaches you it’s an amazing feeling.

Please check out what I think turned out to be an amazing poem. Also, kindly click on the FOLLOW button while you’re over there. Laura writes fabulous poetry and captivating flash fiction. Her blog is a must read.

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33 Comments on Miles to Go

  1. We should be egotistical about this. In fact, I think we should both become impossible to live with. 😀 Thank you for writing with me!


  2. Oooooooh I’ve been looking forward to this duet since Laura told me it was happening 😀


  3. This is so awesome. I adore this! You guys are great.


  4. Very nice. I have notices however, that you have been with multiple partners lately. Just saying. Always be safe! 🙂

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  5. 1) You are a smart man (in reference to the being my bitch and not upsetting the pregnant woman)

    2) If you’re a blog whore, does that make me like your side mistress or something. I mean, what do we call the person who is being whored with? These are deep thoughts for such an early morning.

    3) No one complains about my performances…just the size of my ass. *CoughYOUIMPLIEDITHack*


  6. Ya’ll did fabulous! I loved this one, it was beautifully rendered from the morning.


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