It’s been some time since I’ve written a TToT post. It’s been even longer since I had anything to really be thankful for. I do, however, have some things to appreciate this week, so I’ll get right to it.

  1. I haven’t had a drink in 17 days. Coincidentally (or not) I’ve been feeling better physically and mentally. I haven’t really been depressed at all. My mind still wanders to some of the shitty things that have happened to me, but unlike before it isn’t a jump off the high dive like it has been recently. I still have trouble getting to sleep at night, though. I just can’t shut my mind off. One thing at a time I guess.
  2. I bought a computer on Ebay like three weeks ago. The computer seemed to be working upon receipt, but I was running into problems when I tried to play a game. The machine would black screen. At first I thought the video card was bad so the guy I bought the computer from sent me a new one. I swapped it out, but that didn’t resolve it. I then figured out it was the processor when a coworker lent me an old processor he had lying around (which happened to be compatible with my board). It took two weeks, but I finally got a replacement processor Tuesday night, and my computer has been running like a champ ever since.
  3. The War on Diapers has been going good so far. We’ve had a few accidents, but overall Baby C is making it to the bathroom to pee. A handful of times he’s gone in there without even telling me until he was finished. There have been casualties, though. He’s already soaked 4 pairs of underwear, the carpet, and the couch. Still, it’s going well, overall.
  4. I seem to have found my groove again on this blog thing. I published at least one post every day this week, excluding the weekend (because weekend).
  5. Along with the end of drinking on a regular basis, I have also decided to take myself off of Prozac. I don’t think it’s quite doing it’s job anymore. I’m often extremely emotional when certain things happen, which was entirely out of character before I started taking it. Plus, I figure if I need an adjustment I may as well go done rather than up and see what happens. So far I’ve been a tad irritable, but that could be because I’m chasing C around the house to make sure he’s not peeing on everything…and failing.
  6. Lizzi wrote an AMAZING poem with incredibly creative formatting and then said that I was the inspiration for her incredible formatting. That made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Inspiring someone who inspires me is…inspiring.
  7. My sister-in-law started a new job this week, which is great because they are struggling financially.
  8. I am thankful for the four-day weekend I just started.
  9. Coffeh. I can never ben thankful enough for coffeh. I’m like a diesel truck and coffeh is my fuel.
  10. I’m thankful that I’m publicly blogging again, and back in the TToT link up.
What are YOU thankful for?