It’s the End of the Summer

This is my first attempt at FTSF (Finish the Sentence Friday), hosted by the amazing Kristi from Finding Ninee. If ever you are looking for a new blog hop to participate in, I suggest this one. This week’s prompt is: At the end of each summer, I always feel…

At the end of each summer, I always feel…a tumultuous array of conflicting emotions. There are both pros and cons to this time of year, and I feel them simultaneously.

There are many things I love about the end of summer. First and foremost is the cooling of the weather. I dread summer heat. I loathe summer heat. I melt in summer heat. I hate being hot. I absolutely HATE sweating. This Michigan-born trooper prefers milder temperatures. A cloudy summer day is always welcome for the brief respite it brings from the oppressive sun.


Who doesn’t love fresh applesauce?

The coming of fall brings with it other things I look forward to, however. I absolutely love the changing of the colors. Orange, red, and brown leaves add so much more variety to the local scenery. It makes driving down the highway much more enjoyable when everything isn’t plain ol’ green. Autumn also marks the beginning of football season, and this trooper surely enjoys watching some football.

bengals stormtrooper

Who dey!

With the good comes the…kinda good. School. Back to school is both a good thing and a bad thing. There’s back-to-school shopping. New clothes. New shoes. School supplies. Homework. Forms to fill out. Getting your kids back into a routine. Fuck is it ever a pain in the ass. On the flip side, the kids aren’t home all day destroying the house and consuming every scrap of food that’s yet to expire. I no longer come home from work to find empty wrappers strewn about and both of them staring at different TV’s with Xbox controllers in their hands. So there’s that.

Back to school this year was particularly rough because the twins began high school this year. Shit is real now. From here on out their actions can and will affect them for the rest of their lives. The twins are extremely intelligent, but also equally unorganized. They lose or forget to turn in homework and that’s just not gonna fly in high school. They also made the freshman football team. While I love football, I’d have preferred they play a different sport. They have always been skinny and easily injured, two things that don’t bode well for any football player. The upside to that is they have motivation to keep their grades up since they’ll get kicked off the team if their GPA dips too low. So I’m taking the good with the bad here…and have my fingers crossed that neither of them suffer their first broke bones.

Most importantly, the end of summer is a segue to my favorite time of year. November and December, and the holiday’s therein, are times when lasting memories are made. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s. SNOW! Jackets. Hoodies. Chileh! SNOW! Wait, I might have mentioned snow already. Baby C loves playing in the snow and I love watching him do so.

How do I feel? Good riddance, summer! Hasta lasagna, don’t get any on ya! Fall and winter is where it’s at.

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55 Comments on It’s the End of the Summer

  1. two and half weeks. The first day of fall is 23 September.


  2. You can’t stand sweating? Oh my. You must think I’m totally cray-cray then, right?


  3. I think the twins will be fine. Team sports are good for kids.


  4. Lovely Belgian summer always turns out the same. A bloody hut July, a rainy August, and a warm again September. For now I enjoy that, but high school has started here already and I remember those first days of school again while the sun was shining… Yeah, I didn’t like that so much 🙂


  5. I can’t wait for fall. That’s the thought through my head all summer. 😀


  6. Yay for ya’ll. 🙂


  7. Love Fall, too! LOVE it!


  8. But..but…but….summer is wonderful and beautiful and perfect. And winter is full of nasty cold and rain and snow and freezing!


  9. Summer can’t go away fast enough. Yay Fall.


  10. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // September 5, 2014 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    I love the snow, too. Grew up in Colorado though, where it’s nice, friendly snow mostly, which is not the case here in northern VA/DC. But yeah, the heat (and humidity!!) sucks ass. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up to FTSF. You totally fucking rock.
    I so get the football thing. My husband loves football (tennessee vols where as I am a denver broncos girl so this is the first time we agree on a team b/c peyton was in tn and now den and well tmi??). He really wants Tucker to play football (and T’s initials are TD) but I’m not so sure. It seems like – next to hockey- that it’s got the most potential for injury. Scary. I’m sure the twins will do great though and EEEEP to high school!! It’s like, dude, they’re gonna like drive and stuff soon. Hugs to that. Big huge ones.


    • Oh, I’m already worried about the driving. I’ve been watching them play racing games for the past 10 years and they’ve yet to impress me. I’ve already got plans to get myself a new ride sometime next year so I can hand down my little sedan to them. SIGH…where does the time go?


  11. I’m sure that your twins will be fine. If they wind up not liking football, there will be other Fall sports for them to consider. You do have a point about the end of summer meaning the beginning of football season. It’s one of the few compensations for giving up those summer days!


  12. Ode to a new season! ; )


  13. With you on the “bring on Fall!” front. Love the cooler temperatures, the hearty soups and the smell of firecrackers in the air. Mind you we once just escaped burning down our neighbour’s house across the street, but that’s another story. Absolutely love snow. Sadly we don’t get much of it here on the west coast but I can always drive to Whistler which is a mere 2 hours away to get my fix. Best of luck with your two footballers. May they have a winning and accident free season.


  14. Well, I’m guessing I can never count on you coming to Florida to visit then, huh? It stays hot here. All. The. Time. We’re still getting temps in the upper 90s and it won’t really start to cool down until late October. If then. I’ve never even seen snow. I get the mixed emotions about the start of school especially the idea of high school. Here’s hoping the boys don’t get hurt playing football and yes, having to keep up the GPA is a good thing.


  15. I love the fact that it’s cooler too. Means I no longer have to wear pyjama bottoms or leggings in bed for a few weeks! (I have to do something like this in the summer because it would appear I’m allergic to my own sweat and if I don’t wear something to cover my thighs in bed, I end up with ezcema in some most uncomfortable places.)


  16. I’m with you on that. I’ve never felt dry heat, but I can imagine it’s a billion times better than humidity. I would suck Satan’s dick if I never had to deal with humidity again. Fuck that shit. But Fall? If I could have that all year, I don’t think I could ever get sick of it. Ever. Oh man.


  17. I also love the fall because of all the beautiful colors & the cooling of temps because I am not a fan of hot weather too! I have always been a fall/winter person because I was born in fall/winter. I used to spend so much time outside playing in the snow, skating, etc.


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