Ten Things of Thankful #64

Cha cha cha changes!

Things have been changing in Casa de Twindaddeh recently. Wrote a post ’bout it. Like da here, here go!

IThe biggest change is that I quit taking prozac. I was becoming too emotionally unstable, so I stopped taking it after I finished my last bottle. I’m still on my mood stabilizers, however. One week later I’m happy to report that, other than an occasional spell of irritability, I’m doing fine without the prozac. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor today for next Friday to give myself another week for adjustment so we can decide how best to proceed from there. If the irritability doesn’t improve then I’ll probably ask him to up the dosage on the mood stabilizer.

IIChange number two began 24 days ago. I had evidently reached my limit with alcohol and decided I no longer wanted to be drunk on a regular basis. 24 days later I still haven’t had a drink and right now the thought of getting drunk repulses me. I’m sure I won’t feel this way forever, but I think it’s best to lay off the booze for a while longer still. As I said last week, if/when I drink I want it to be enhancing the good times, not escaping the bad.

IIILast week I declared war on diapers. I stopped at the store last week and bought disposable wipes, pull ups, and underwear for Baby C. I took last Friday off, giving me a four-day weekend to kickstart the War on Diapers. We began Thursday night when I got home from work. I stripped C down to nothing but a shirt and told him if he wanted to wear big boy underwear he needed to use the potty. When he finally used the potty he put on the underwear, only to pee in them a little while later. Then I told him if he wanted underwear again he’d have to pee in the potty again. So he’d run around the house naked for a while until he peed in the potty. Then he’d get his underwear to only pee in them a bit later. We went through this cycle all day Friday, me showering him with praise when he successfully used the potty and lightly chiding him if he peed in his underwear.

It finally sank in Sunday. He woke up and without any prompting from me ran straight to the bathroom, ripped off his pull ups, and peed in the potty. HALLELUJAH!!! He has been doing great ever since. He has had a handful of accidents, but overall he’s a big boy now! So to speak. I’m so proud of how quickly he picked it up and even happier that I don’t have to buy or change diapers any more, because fucking nasty.

IVThe twins have found themselves on the freshman football team. They have been working hard at practice (and whining when they get home from practice) and had their first game on Thursday night. They have never played organized football before, so they didn’t really play much at all, but I’m still happy for them to make the team since they really wanted it. Unfortunately, all of their games will be on Thursday nights, which is a night I have C. I’m not going to be able to make it to all of their games, but I’m going to try to switch some things around so I can make it to a few to support them.

VI read an amazing post written by my very dear friend Hasty on Tuesday. I was so impressed with it that I recommended it to the WP editors for Freshly Pressed consideration…and they agreed! I’m so very happy for my dear friend and recognition for her amazing talent with words is LONG overdue.


VIYouTube may be a cesspool of depravity and stupidity, but lately it’s been recommending some pretty damned good music to me. My jam right now (thanks to YouTube) is this gem…

VIII’d like to take a brief moment to thank ibuprofen for dealing with all the headaches I’ve had this week (which are likely due to coming off the prozac).



VIIIWhat if I told you there was a magical beverage you could consume when you’re tired and absolutely hate the world that would flip everything upside down? A non-alcoholic beverage, no less. It makes people less irritating. It makes the annoying chirping of the birds slightly more tolerable. It gets your juices flowing and gives you energy. I’m speaking, of course, of coffee. Lord knows I’d have been fired long ago without that magical beverage.

Coffeh! I’ll probably be thankful for this every week.

IXIn addition to potty training, C has been busy in other ways this week. One of the rewards given to him for using the potty was playing Xbox, something he’s really wanted to do for the longest time since that’s all his brothers seem to do. I put in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for him and he loves it. Of course, the controller is a bit too big for his hands and his motor control is still developing, so he often hands me the controller when he comes across something he can’t do. His two favorite levels to play are the Battle Over Coruscant (the opening scene from Episode III) because “it’s outer space, daddy!” and the pod race (from Episode I) because, well, racing.

We hafta get the red circles, Daddy!!

XThe annual Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks show was last Sunday night. The show takes place on the riverfront and draws a crowd of about 500,000 people every year. This trooper wants nothing to do with that many people so I don’t make the trek down there. Especially for a 40 minute show. The show is absolutely amazing, but still not worth the hours trying to find a parking spot, then a seat, then trying to leave when it’s all over. Luckily, the show is televised.

Ever since the 4th of July, C has been dying to see some more fireworks so I flipped on the show as it was beginning. Good gawd that kid had the time of his life. The theme this year was everything 80’s so they were playing 80’s music and clips from 80’s movies to accompany the show. While I was singing along to music I’d not heard in ages, C was busting moves all over the living room floor. If you have friended me on Facebook you’ve already seen this epic footage (dancing in his underwear à la Tom Cruise) and you no doubt feel incredibly lucky to have experienced his aussomeness.

Like this only cuter and with much better moves. And laughing. Lots of laughing.


What are YOU thankful for?

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78 Comments on Ten Things of Thankful #64

  1. This is a fabulous list! Yay for potty training!


  2. Damnit. Too slow. Laura got here first *sigh* Will try harder next time :p

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Baby C’s adorable. And I’m glad things are going well with you and the withdrawal from the various. I hope levels get fixed and coffeh gets had and the world seems all shiny-brighter because of it 🙂


  4. You can’t tease with that cure a video description dude! Not fair!


  5. My children are about 30, give or take a few years, and I am still thankful for potty training 🙂

    I stopped drinking last February. It’s good. Funny thing, I used to drink coffee every day, but when I stopped drinking alcohol, I didn’t care for coffee anymore. I’m a tea drinker now.

    It is nice to be thankful for so many things.


    • I just can’t drink tea. I’ve tried it many times and I just don’t like it. Coffeh, however…well, I guess it’s no secret how much I love it.


  6. Martha Kennedy // September 5, 2014 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    Yay! Coffee is a wonderful thing. I get up very early, make my coffee, make my smoothie, feed the dogs, coffee’s read, I SAVOR it. 🙂 Definitely a magic potion.


  7. Yay for all the things you are thankful for. It is a great bunch. I can only imagine the cuteness of C dancing (truth bc I don’t have FB)…26 days here…and love that song…it rocks.


  8. Baby C’s dancing was the most adorable thing ever!
    And yay for coffee! Fab list. 😀


  9. I am thrilled about all of the above but I can’t shop singing cha cha changing so I am officially annoyed with you!

    I’ll get over it

    Soph x


  10. It seems that things are going the good way for you! Good to see that!


  11. It looks like positive things are happening for you this week. Keep going!


  12. Lots of big changes for you this week. I am happy your personal changes are working out for you and Potty Training. If I had to deal with that again, I might start drinking. I love that scene from Risky Business. I bet you had fun.


    • He was cracking me up. In the video I took of him dancing they were playing Hot For Teacher and he was GETTING DOWN. Good times.


  13. Andale, Andale!! Fantastico! Estupendo! Maravilloso! Excelente! Great list. 🙂

    Potty training is no easy feat. I remember feeling like the best parent on earth after successfully training my kids! Baby C sounds so frikin’ adorable!!


  14. I live a very chemical life as you know, plus my background in pharmacy, so I hope you tapered off the prozac correctly. Other than that, I am happy to hear all your changes are on the up and up. 🙂


    • Well, no. I just ran out and decided not to tell the doc. I wasn’t on a very high dose, so I don’t know if there was a way to taper off that. Anyhow, it’s been over a week and I’m starting to normalize, other than the headaches. I figure by the time I see my doc next Friday I’ll have a better idea of how to move forward.


  15. Hey twindaddy! I’m glad to hear that you are making progress. How did you feel when you were on prozac? (Dumb question I know) Anyways, coffee is the bomb though. Especially black with no sugar and no cream.


    • Well, it worked great when I started taking it a couple of years ago, but lately I was falling apart at some of the slightest things, which was not good. So I figured something needed to change and I may as well see how I do without it before upping the dose or trying something else.


  16. Potty trained kids and coffee. two of life’s simplest treasures


  17. TD — you’re supposed to taper off meds like Prozac not quit cold turkey. I hope that’s what you did….


  18. Congrats to the twins on making the football team! I’m glad there are still some schools with sports which still have spots for kids who haven’t played their entire lives.
    More importantly..POTTY TRAINED!!!! I loathe potty training more than any other thing I have to do as a parent.


    • Yes! Potty training is the worst.

      I really am happy they’re on the team. They really wanted it. Still, I was hoping they go for basketball…


  19. Potty training…oh, dear. You are brave to combine that activity with maintaining sobriety. If you have to give in on one, let it be the potty training! It will come..eventually.


  20. Baby C could not be any cuter! Potty training sucks but it sure sounds like your little (or is it big now??) caught on pretty well. Good job, Dad! Pretty cool about the twins too. I hope you work it out to make it to some of their games. Still so fricken proud of you for making the positive changes in your life. And as for your moves to get Hasty FP’d..dude, you fucking rock! She deserved it and you helped make it happen. I loved seeing her so happy! So thank you 🙂


  21. oh man the glories of toilet training! The freedom alone is so worth the efforts!


  22. Potty training and twins on a football team? Oh my. Glad you are feeling stronger re emotions. I know what it’s like to say, enough. This pills aren’t helping anymore. yay for us.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Man that’s the best top ten I think I’ve ever seen! Congrats TD on all fronts. You deserve it man.


  24. Yay potty training and well done on no drinking for 24 days (I’m currently trying to similarly reign that in).


  25. You had a great week! Potty training…because nasty is right! You have been making some tough but good decisions for yourself and I send you lots of good thoughts to help you stay on the course that you have chosen for your life. Have another great week.


  26. I reckon one of the things that’s really helped potty training Baby C is because you’ve waited until he’s a bit older. Some folks seem to think that as soon as a child is two, they should start potty training, which is rubbish (if you ask me, and I think this because what’s the point of trying to teach bladder control to someone who’s too young to understand the concept?). Far better to wait a bit and see if the kid will do it by themselves – I know of one lad (now in his early 20’s and studying for a PhD in Physics) who on seeing all the older kids at church not wearing nappies/diapers, insisted on removing his and was basically potty trained from that point on! Of course, some kids need a bit of encouragement, and I reckon you’ve got it right with Baby C.


  27. The bitstrip still cracks me up…thank you again 🙂


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