My dear friend, I heard a song last night which reminded me of you. It was a song of struggle and demons. It was a song to remind those that, no matter how fucked up things might be, however dark your days are, that someone, somewhere loves you for who and what you are. My friend, I love you for you. I don’t want you to change a fucking bit. I love your perceived weirdness. I love your open heart. I love your laugh. I love how you come to my rescue when I tell you I need a drink. You may not see it, and that tears me apart, but you are fucking amazing.



I watch you struggling day after day

Fighting to keep the demons at bay

Like the ocean tides, you rise and you fall

On hands and knees through black holes you crawl

You swim through the darkness, you suffer alone

Friends reach out, their love for you shown

You swat them away, pretend things are fine

While you suffer a fate of hell’s own design

Your soul is a painting devoid of all color

A grayscale underworld you share with no other

You’re hard on yourself, no forgiveness to behold

You tear yourself apart no matter what you’re told

I watch from the outside, while you slowly succumb

You’re fading away,  distraught and overcome

I throw you a lifeline but you refuse to hold on

Unable able to fight, completely withdrawn

I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight

I wish you saw yourself through my eyesight

You’re the northern star in my night sky

You’re wind under wing which helps me to fly

When your ship has been hit and you’re ready to eject

Remember, in my eyes you’re fucking perfect