Random Thoughts: 9-16-2014

You guys!! It’s time for another brain dump! Here are this week’s (I say that like this is a regularly scheduled feature or something) random thoughts on stories that caught my attention.

So, a chef at a restaurant called Mad Fresh (snarky comments will be saved for the rest of this story) has banned ketchup from his establishment. The mad chef (I like that name) contends that his food is so perfectly prepared and flavored that no ketchup is needed, and has even kicked people out for sneaking ketchup into the restaurant. Well, fuck you, mad chef! If I like ketchup on my food I’ll put it on my food no matter what you think of your flavors.

“I think ketchup is edible – on certain things. I’ll give it that much. But it’s just not part of my culinary agenda,” the mad chef claims. Ah, well. I guess what I, your paying customer wants, is immaterial. Ass.

Sigh. Another pastor who thinks gays should be put to death. That sounds EXACTLY like what Jesus used to preach, right? RIGHT? I say we start putting people who perpetuate hate to death (note to literalists out there – that was sarcasm).

So a woman was recently kicked out of a restaurant recently while breastfeeding. She’s making a huge stink about it on Facebook. What she’s failing to mention, though, is that she was drinking while breastfeeding, and that’s why the manager on duty asked her to leave. I’ve read the comments from people defending this mom, saying that as long as she doesn’t drink right before breastfeeding the alcohol won’t affect the baby. Others are saying whatever the mom ingests goes to the baby. Both sides linked to sites which support their claims. My problem is this: if you’re carrying an infant around I don’t think you should be doing shots and drinking beer. You’re eventually going to have to carry that child out of there. What if you drop the baby or fall over while carrying the baby because you’re drunk? What if your drunk ass accidentally knocks the baby off the changing table? What if, what if, what if? In my opinion, drinking while caring for an infant is irresponsible, whether you’re breastfeeding or not.

A funeral home in Saginaw, Michigan has opened a drive thru window. Scratching your head? I was, too. Evidently, the window will allow people to pay their respects without ever leaving their car. What. The. Fuck. Are there really people who’s lives are so terribly important that they can’t get out of their fucking cars to pay respect to the dead? Is this a thing?

Is it a prerequisite to say absolutely asinine shit to be a Republican? I’m just wondering, because it seems like at least once a month one of them makes headlines for uttering absurdly insensitive and stupid shit. This month it’s Russell Pearce, who said on his very own radio show, “You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I’d do is get a woman Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations …”

Um, really, Russ? Can I call you Russ? I guess it’s too late to ask that since I already have. Russ, isn’t forced sterilization something the Nazi’s did? *checks Google* Yes, they did. You really want to take a page out of Adolf Hitler’s book?

Russ claims that the statement was written by someone else, who he conveniently failed to name. Whether or not someone else wrote that garbage, Russ, you read it on air and left the impression that you agreed with the statement. Tool.normal_stfu

Things continue to get muddier for the NFL. Last week’s Thursday Night Football game introduction was supposed to feature a song performed by Rihanna, but in the wake of the Ray Rice video tape being released they opted not to use her song since she had been a victim of domestic violence herself at the hands of Chris Brown back in 2009. CBS claims that they needed “appropriate tone and coverage” in the wake of the video tape going public, but as far as I’m concerned all they did was punish a victim for being a victim.

Rihanna was savagely beaten and tossed from a car. Then CBS says, hey, you’re too close to this so we’re not going to play your music for millions of potential fans to hear. They could have instead played her song and perhaps gotten her thoughts on domestic violence since, you know, she was once brutally assaulted by someone of Ray Rice’s stature. I guess that makes too much sense.

Speaking of the NFL, who here has heard of the Adrian Peterson charges? Everyone? Good. Let me just say, the Minnesota Vikings are run by a bunch of insensitive and hypocritical assholes. Peterson has never shied away from the fact that he whoops his children with switches. He’s openly admitted it. So how did the Vikings initially respond? They deactivated him last weekend. Then they got their asses handed to them by the Patriots on Sunday. Guess what the Vikings are saying now? If you answered, “We need to let the legal process play out,” then you’ve won a cookie.

Wait what??

Why does the legal process need to play out? He’s admitted it. Let’s be frank about what’s going on here. Peterson is the most talented athlete on that team and they had their asses handed to them without him in the line up. If they were really interested in letting the legal process play out Peterson wouldn’t have been deactivated last week. If they were as concerned about the children as they say they are, they wouldn’t wait for the legal process to play out since Peterson has admitted, quite proudly, that “All my kids will know, hey daddy has the biggie heart but don’t play no games when it comes to acting right.” Peterson’s heart may be in the right place, but his methods are barbaric.

And, because I don’t want this post to be completely negative and upsetting, here are highlights from an insanely talented one-handed basketball player…

What say you? Do you have thoughts about my, um, thoughts?


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47 Comments on Random Thoughts: 9-16-2014

  1. I can’t even comment on that Vikings thing without freaking the fuck out.


    • I don’t have a problem with spanking, but that is completely different than striking your children with objects. Even more disturbing is seeing some of the text messages he sent to the child’s mother in which he laughed about leaving the marks on his child.


  2. I’m a huge fan of your random thoughts! It feels good, too, right?
    Yaknow…this is a great idea for a weekly syndicated column. Just sayin’ 🙂


  3. I agree with you. I didn’t understand the Michian part until I googled it. Apparently the city is declining in population and crime is going through the roof. I guess people stopped expecting much from the city and just started accommodating to it. It’s quite sad really.


  4. um okay,… y’all have some er “stuff” going on over there! :/
    I have to agree with you on the breast feeding issue…


  5. Maybe the Vikings game plan for Peterson is to hire a lawyer to convince the jury and the public that the player beat up his 4-year-old kid in self-defense.


  6. Hmmmm, there’s just too much to comment on here so I’m going to go lay down in the fetal position and cry about society for a bit.


  7. Please keep these posts up…they are awesome 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh I needed.


  8. I agree on the ketchup thing. If I eat anywhere, I refuse to put any sort of sauce on the food unless it is supposed to go on the food as I believe that the chef (or whoever made it) intended it to have a certain flavour and that is what I want to taste. (Unless it is beyond awful and the only way to swallow it is with a bit of ketchup). 🙂


  9. I can’t stand food snobs. They’re worse than fashion snobs. And that’s saying something!

    The basketball player makes me feel like a big fucking whiner. A complainer of the highest order. What a terrible thing to excel at. What’s wrong with me?


  10. From now on, I will come and get my “news” from your brain dumps. (Except about the NFL.)


  11. Well said TD. Excellent points.


  12. I like these posts. You report the happenings much better than any media outlet. I think you should make them a regular thing. I don’t have much to say about the chef. You covered it with ‘ass’. I love football. I am so disappointed in all of the BS…it only proves that you can give an asshole a bucket of money and he’s still an asshole. I am a Republican but not a crazy one so I’m hoping saying asinine things isn’t a prerequisite. I may have to become the political equivalent on nondenominational. I dislike all of it….it’s not about the good of the country or the people in it anymore.
    Thanks for signing off with something inspiring. It was balm for the open wounds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll try to keep doing these. Frankly, reading the news any more is just depressing, and I don’t need anything else to depress me.


  13. I agree with the NFL for pulling the Rhianna song & I know my opinion is not going to be popular. I think the NFL needs to be hyper-sensitive about “anything” that has to do with abuse at this point. If they had allowed her song to be played there would have been a whole host of people on the other side with objections to it. PLUS Rhianna is not the poster person for domestic abuse – she went back to the idiot! She is not a role model people should aspire to be.


    • Yeah, she did go back to him. Janay Rice married Ray Rice a couple of days after this incident took place. I stayed with my first wife for almost 10 years. Most domestic abuse victims stay with their abusers. That doesn’t make them wrong. That means they’re caught in the cycle.

      There is no such thing as a domestic abuse role model.


      • I agree there is no role model for domestic abuse, but people who get caught in the cycle of abuse (even though it’s not their fault) should not be role models for youth. I think right now, someone of the calibre of Derek Jeter (I know, I know he’s a baseball player not football) would be a better role model for the NFL.


        • Frankly, I don’t think celebrities should be role models at all. At least, not simply BECAUSE they’re celebrities.


          • I don’t think Derek Jeter is a role model just because he’s a baseball player. I think he’s a role model because he shows what hard work, a good attitude, kindness & longevity can accomplish in whatever you do.


  14. Maybe there was a sentence missing in the birth control thing. Or a few words – namely “if the woman in question requires them”. Maybe? Or perhaps not.

    People suck, sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I love your random thoughts. I should do something like this, except I’m long winded and every thought turns into an entire post. So here are my random thoughts on your random thoughts.

    Mad Chef is an idiot, but apparently in France (I think) they’re that way too with ketchup. Seen Hudson Hawk? He goes to that nice French restaurant and orders, then asks for ketchup. The server gets pissed. Hawk did it to piss him off. However, that doesn’t make it right. Just because he thinks his dishes are perfect, not everybody has the same tastes. Does he get pissed off if someone asks for an ingredient to not be included in the dish? If I want one of his dishes but it has tomatoes in it, I’ll ask to have them out. Fuck him if he don’t like it, my tastes aren’t his tastes.

    I’m with you on the pastor thing. Kill him.

    I’m with you on the breastfeeding drunk woman thing. Feminists are so gung ho about supporting a woman’s right to breastfeed in public that they lose all control with everything else. She shouldn’t be drinking while dealing with her infant. That’s the same as taking a baby into a bar. When I was bartending, back before Ohio voted to remove smoking from public places, one regular guy’s wife had a baby and he brought it in when it was able to leave the hospital, for everyone to see. The bar was full of drunks and cigarette smoke. I thought that was horribly wrong.

    If you only cared about the dead so much that a drive-thru is necessary for your respects, then you don’t respect them enough to even go, so don’t.

    As far as Adrian goes, I think that just happened at a bad time for him, because of that Ray Rice incident making such huge news just before it. I think if it had happened any other time, there wouldn’t have been such a big stink over it. I’m all for spanking a child, and if you use a switch, so be it. Parents in the south do that shit. Hell, parents up here used to do that shit. Depending on what family member babysat me, if I fucked up (and I always did) I had to go pull my own switch. I got spanked a lot as a child, but never for the same thing twice. And today I respect the shit out of my parents for doing that for me. They didn’t do that to me, they did it for me. I’m for Adrian in this.

    Liked by 1 person

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