Your Gentle Hand

Written by the extremely talented Serins, and the cool only by association Twindaddy.

The room is cold and dark
My mind and life is stark
But there you are to hold my hand
You are here and you understand.

A friend that has never been so true
You know what is like to walk in my shoe

A caring hug
A listening heart
May not seem like much
But it’s a start

There’s a void, where once I had a heart
A destructive force which tears me apart
But your warmth radiates, omnipresent
Your words comfort, an antidepressant

Your love fills me up and makes me whole
You’re an opiate which calms my soul
An ally who sticks on through thick and thin
Who does not judge for any sin
Lifting me up when I stumble and fall
There to answer when I call.

There are those who hate me without reason
I looked for sympathy, but found only treason
Their scorn has broken my heart
Afflicted and in pain, it was torn apart.
They gave me vinegar for my yearning
Introverted, this has affected my learning.

Yet relentless you came near
Contested even this primal fear

Hold me close
Break my fall
Calmly guide me
Through it all
Walk beside me
Hand in hand
Pull my head out
From the sand
Steel my strength
Accept my flaws
When you’re with me
The dark withdraws
Without you
I’d not be me
You expose
My insanity
Eternal gratitude
Is all I can give
But you have mine
As long as I live

About Twindaddy (337 Articles)
Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Always genuine.

17 Comments on Your Gentle Hand

  1. Superb… congrats to you and Serins…both of you have created a magnificent poem..


  2. You two work so well together! Love it!


  3. We make a kick ass team – if I do say so myself…. πŸ™‚


  4. Awesome. The rhythm of the last bit reminds me a bit of Squeeze’s ‘Heaven Knows’. Good effort, guys πŸ™‚ You seem to work well together, and you’re having fun doing it πŸ™‚


  5. Gifted, you are both.


  6. Commented over at Serins’. Another nice piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am always in awe of people who have poetic talent. I am in awe of both of you, well done.


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