Ten Things of Thankful #66

Can I make it to ten three weeks in a row? Stay tuned and find out on this week’s edition of Ten Things of Thankful! Sponsored by sleep deprivation and sobriety.

IAlmost immediately after publishing last week’s TToT post, I found out that there is a group of people out there who have been updating the old Tecmo Football ROM’s with current rosters. So not only am I getting my Tecmo Football fix, I’m getting it with current players! Tecmo Football is the shit and this has made me 50 shades of happy.

I still got it!

I still got it!

IIA while ago, my BBFFFL (Best British Friend For Fucking Life) found a little Lego stormtrooper she wanted to mail to me so I could have him and squeeze him and hold him tight. I was hesitant to give her my address. Not because I don’t trust her, but she’s notorious for glitter-bombing the shit out of people via mail. So, I guess in a way I really don’t trust her. (I totally do trust her, though.)

Anyhow, shenanigans began on Facebook over the fact that I had finally agreed to let her ship me the trooper when Lizzi mentioned she had a Millennium Falcon. This Falcon was a magnetic bottle opener. I also declared it mine. I was joking, of course, but I still kinda wanted it. Unbeknownst to me, Lizzi (because she’s an amazing and thoughtful friend) ordered another online and had it shipped directly to my house. ISN’T THAT FUCKING AMAZING?? I kinda had a shitty day, and opening this package put a huge dumbass grin on my face.

Lizzi made me promise that I would zoom the Falcon around the living room, and so I did.

2014-09-19 22.11.45

Flight of the Falcon. VROOOOOM!

Thank you again, Lizzi, for being such a generous and spectacular friend.

IIIThis past week has brought on many more small moments with C, most of which made me laugh. One, however, damn near made me cry. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Moment 1:

C: *turns my head to the side and studies my face* Your hair is gone.
Me: Yup. Daddy shaved.
C: *rubs my stubble* But it’s coming back…

Moment 2:

C soaped, lathered, and washed himself up in the shower without any help…right after he deposited the contents of his rectum AND his bladder into his bath water. Biggest. Log. Ever.

Moment 3:

I had just sat down at my desk last Sunday morning after having started the coffee maker. C noticed that I had no cup of coffee in hand. “Daddy, you need to go make coffee.” How does he know?

Moment 4:

We were watching the Michigan game on Saturday…

Announcer: And Michigan calls a time out.

C: I don’t want a time out.

Moment 5:

Right after waking up Saturday morning: “The sun is up! We can go outside now!”

IVI upgraded my cell phone this week. I had jumped on to my dad’s plan a couple of years ago when shit went sour, and the contract is finally up. I also wanted to get off of his plan and have my own again so I now have a new Samsung S3. I know the S5 just came out, but this trooper isn’t shelling out $250 for a phone loaded with features I’ll probably never use. Besides, the S3 is still a pretty bad ass phone. Plus, with the mail in rebate that came with the phone I pretty much got it for free. Woot!

VWith the cool autumn weather arriving that meant it was time for me to make some cold weather food. Last Sunday was spent watching football and eating chileh. NOM!


I was finally able to make it to one of the twins’ football games on Wednesday. Sadly, their team had their asses handed to them, but luckily the twins can’t take much of the blame for that since they didn’t play much. However, after the game the coach told them both they’ll be much more involved going forward since they’ve got a few weeks of practice in now and have picked up most of what he needs them to know.

trooper twins

Double trooper trouble.


Though I’ve been sorely tempted a couple of times, I still haven’t had any alcohol in five weeks!30752352
VIIIWhat if I told you there was a magical beverage you could consume when you’re tired and absolutely hate the world that would flip everything upside down? A non-alcoholic beverage, no less. It makes people less irritating. It makes the annoying chirping of the birds slightly more tolerable. It gets your juices flowing and gives you energy. I’m speaking, of course, of coffee. Lord knows I’d have been fired long ago without that magical beverage. (Yeah, I’m leaving this one here from last week because coffeh. Recycling rules!)

Coffeh! I’ll probably be thankful for this every week.

IXI finally broke down and discussed some feelings I was afraid to discuss with a very good friend. To my relief, we were able to work things out after some initial hurt, and I’m extremely thankful for that because this person is a huge part of my life and very, very important to me.

XI spent last Saturday getting the house ready. I spent today actually doing it. My mom moved in with me. Due to some asshattery by the apartment complex she was living in (namely a hole in her roof that they refused to repair and refusal to replace extremely energy inefficient appliances which had been running her power bill to over $300 a month for a tiny one bedroom apartment), I offered to let her stay with me for a few months to get caught up on her bills and get back on her feet.

This is obviously not ideal for either of us as we both really like our privacy and living alone, but my mother and I get along famously so it’s not going to be an issue. There will be some adjustments that I will have to make (no more gallivanting around the house naked, dammit!), but ultimately I’m grateful that I’m in a position where I can help her. It’ll be cramped around here for a while, but the kids seeing a lot more of their grandmother (and she them) will be a good thing.


What are YOU thankful for?

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72 Comments on Ten Things of Thankful #66

  1. betternotbroken // September 20, 2014 at 3:01 am // Reply

    Your twins bear an uncanny resemblance to you, it is like you all have the same masks!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. O! you put the pic of your falcon on the 10 things posts too…. 🙂 I’m really glad this was able to uplift your spirits after the shitty day…. and just in the right moment hey? How does that happen?

    Yay for baby C moments….. I’m guessing the bath indecent wasn’t funny, ik that happened to my girl once too… 😦

    WHOOT coffee!

    And I am very happy you made it to 5 weeks sober… 🙂 I’m rooting for ya….

    And you being in a position to help your mom out, well I get that on an epic level – good for y’all…


  3. THRID! And YAY to flying our spaceships across the TimeZones – it’s like we really were messing with space! And I’m glad you like it so much, and that THIS one didn’t have any glitter for you *cackles with glee*

    I’m glad you sorted things out with your friend. That sounds like it was a tough but worthwhile conversation to have. And YAY for you being such a good, kind son. It bears saying (again), because in spite of the inconvenience it will doubtless prove to be for each of you in ways, it’s a really Good Thing. Also, free babysitter? 😉

    YAY FIVE WEEKS! BOOM! You got this. That’s brilliant. And it sounds like things are going well for the twins and baby C, though hopefully his ablutions won’t be quite so thorough next time 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was thankful for you on Thursday, in particular.


  5. All good ones, TD. Excuse me while I take my first (very late) sip of coffeh.


    • I’m about to have mine now. Is it really late if I just woke up, though? I hope not. I don’t need the Coffeh gods upset with me.


  6. thankfulkristi // September 20, 2014 at 11:51 am // Reply

    5 weeks! Good for you!


  7. You are doing awesome with your sobriety! That is really wonderful you were able to repair a friendship. Truth…I still use the droid. Like the droid razor that originally came out. I don’t need anything bigger and plus….it was free with our upgrade.
    That millennium falcon can opener may just be the best thing I have ever seen. It may have to be bought for a Christmas present to my husband. See what I did there.


  8. I’ve played around with S5, and from what I see, it’s not radically better than S3 I have now. You’re not missing much. And your wallet isn’t missing those $400 that can now be spent on coffeh instead.


  9. congrats on the sobriety… a few more weeks and you will be in the longterm zone! nicely done… now about the millenium falcon flights…well, Lizzi was involved so nuff said… and wow your twins really DO look like you! Even though they are obviously fraternal… strange how that works still….

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Is that your arm? That’s freaky.

    Moment 1. So obvious.

    My contract is almost up and I’m dancing on the knife edge. Apple or Samsung? I can’t decide! Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my…ahhh forget it.

    My daughter plays basketball. I hate watching her get beat. She takes it better than I do.

    Well done, especially, on #9. That’s probably the most significant one.


  11. Another most thankful list. Yay, you. :0)


  12. Oh what a great TToT post!!! I love the kid’s quotes! Hilarious!! And what a great friend you have to do that for you and turn around your crappy day. Don’t ya just love those kind of friends? What did you call them? I’m too tired to scroll back up- but it was awesome!!

    Coffee trumps all.

    That one can be reruned every single time. 🙂

    Oh, and HUGE great news about being alcohol free, my friend. Good for you!


  13. GREAT LIST,TD! Yes, I was shouting. It is a really, really good list. Coffee should make the list every single week and I’m still your biggest cheerleader for quitting drinking. I think it’s great that you’re giving your mom the opportunity to get back on her feet. It’s never easy for adults to live with their parents…the privacy thing…but I love that you are able to do that for her. Glad to hear the twins will be getting to play more and I hope you get to make more of their games. I love watching my kids play sports.
    I literally laughed out loud at BBFFFL! I love it! And what the hell is Temco football?


  14. Great going with sobriety. I love the MF (Millennium Falcon), and you are a great soul to help your mom out by sharing your home. The no nakedness is a big sacrifice.


  15. Well, I’d be thankful for those conversations, too. So smart to record them so you can remember them. I need to do that more.


  16. These are excellent ten things! Though you nearly lost me when it appeared that you did NOT want to be glitter bombed, because what is the downside of being glitter bombed?! Other than the vacuuming, but that can come days later!


  17. Kid moments are what get me through the day sometimes. Congrats on 5 weeks.


  18. I don’t think I could do a ToT because… but I AM thankful for you!


  19. Also….big strong high five for sobriety…super proud of you.


  20. Another great list. And another triumpant week. How’s things going with your mum in residence?


  21. Ah, Tecmo. That’s awesome. I love it. I’m gonna have to find a copy for my Genesis so I can play it again. So much fun.


    • Dude, they have the ROMs for free download. It’s awesome.


        • Yup. I’ve been playing a whole bunch of old-school games right on my PC. In fact, I just beat The Ocarina of Time last night. Ganon didn’t stand a chance.


          • I would, but my computer is kinda old and doesn’t like games. Plus, I’m almost completely out of hard drive space, cause of all the movies I download illegally. However, I am planning on getting a new PC one day soon (soon meaning before 2030) and I’ll be gaming more on it. That’s one of the reasons I want a new PC.


          • Twindaddy // October 8, 2014 at 9:00 am //


            Honestly, the emulators and ROMs don’t use up a whole lot of space. I don’t know what the graphic requirements are on them, though.


          • My graphics are the best thing I got going on my computer. But it’s just slow. I recently bought Goat Simulator and I don’t think ever in my life have I looked forward to a game that much. When I downloaded it and started to play it, it was froze, cause my PC is too slow. I’m still pissed about that, and that was months ago.


          • Twindaddy // October 8, 2014 at 7:56 pm //

            Goat Simulator? I’m afraid to ask…


          • Look it up. It’s amazing. Some game makers made it just to mess around with at work while goofing off, and they posted it to the net to show it off, mostly as a joke. The internet went crazy saying they wanted to play it, so they finally gave in and released it. You play as a goat, just running around and head butting stuff. They left all the glitches in because they’re hysterical, and you can do things in it that goats can’t really do, like climb ladders and jump through peoples roofs. It’s awesome.


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