The Way You…


You don’t care
That I’m not good enough for you
You don’t care
About the shit that I’ve been through
You don’t care
About the demons eating me
You don’t care
About the foibles I can’t see

You make me feel whole again
You stoke the licking flames within

You cleared away my emotional debris
I love the way you love me

You don’t know
How you’re suffocating me
You don’t know
I can’t deal with your insecurities
You don’t know
I am night and you are day
You don’t know
How much I want to run away

Pressure’s mounting on my heart
You’re slowly tearing me apart

You aren’t who I wanted you to be
I hate the way you love me

You can’t stand
That I value solitude
You can’t stand
The friends which I’ve accrued
You can’t stand
My wings are now unfurled
You can’t stand
You’re not the center of my world

You’re always bitching, never happy
I’m always irritated, always snappy

You’re drowning me in misery
I love the way you hate me

I can’t stand
That with you I cannot fly
I can’t stand
That you refuse to try
I can’t stand
Your selfish tendencies
I can’t stand
Your romantic felonies

You took my child away from me
Forever you promised, happily

How did I end up in this tragedy
I hate the way you hate me

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26 Comments on The Way You…

  1. Once more, I bow to your ability in art my friend.


  2. um, wow! That was quite intense…. loved it.


  3. Great layout and construction. It supports your theme and message.
    Clappy hands.


  4. Oooh the ending. Haha! Was not expecting that.


  5. That was one helluva evolution. Really well done 🙂


  6. This is absolutely amazing! ❤
    Love the way it goes.You are one talented person 🙂


  7. I’m too emotionally charged today to even process this, but I know it’s very good. I just can’t allow myself to feel anymore today. I’ll be back to re-read this when my head is right.


  8. Love the writing…hate times infinity the circumstances.


  9. Emotions on the screen spill into infinity as you take flight far away from these past plights. xoxo


  10. I like the way this moves through the emotions tied in with love and hate.


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