Like A Boss?

When I emerged from the shower this morning I was assaulted by the sounds of Baby A singing while he got dressed. Sadly, both of the twins inherited their mother’s gruesome singing voice. I kindly stepped into his room, and told him his singing sounded as good as his bed head looked, and that he needed to stop. Especially since C was still sleeping.

“But I sing like a boss!” he claimed.

“You know, bosses are normally assholes, and they can be fired,” I countered.

“Did your boss get fired?” B butted in.

“No. But he should be.”

Before they could utter any more sarcastic – and completely unfunny – retorts, I exited the room so I could finish getting ready for work. And that was the end of it. For them.

I normally ponder many a thing during my morning commute, and this morning was no different. Specifically, I was pondering how the phrase “Like a boss” caught on. Let’s face it. Most of us don’t like our bosses. Most of them are either an asshole, lazy, stupid, or a frankensteinian combination of all three. Since I began working almost 20 years ago I’ve only had a handful of bosses I’ve respected. A majority of them have not only been incapable of adequately performing their job, but they also displayed other personality defects like sexism, racism, or favoritism. It seems a lot of the people smart enough to be bosses are also smart enough to know they don’t want the responsibility that comes with it, so the idiots get promoted.

So having pondered all of the above, I again began wondering exactly why bosses have become all the rage recently. Why would we want to do anything like a boss? Why, when we excel at something, do we do it “Like a boss?” Why, when we vehemently agree with something someone has said, do we bossnod? I’ve been a boss before and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Managing people is like being an adoptive parent to a bunch of whiny-ass, adult children. He makes more money than meeeeeeee. I don’t get enough hourrrrrrrrrssss. Please don’t fire me for coming in late for the 84675th time. Why do I hafta mop and so-and-so doesn’t? I don’t wannaaaaaaa.

Bosses suck. Being a boss sucks.

As I normally do when I don’t understand something, I turned to Google. I ran into a Wikipedia article that claims the term “Like a Boss” was popularized by a Saturday Night Live digital short released in 2009, featuring Andy Samberg and Seth Rogan. Considering SNL hasn’t been funny since the late 70’s, my curiosity was still not satiated. So I watched the video, and I gotta say, I’d have enjoyed wiping my ass with sandpaper more than watching that video. That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. So stupid, in fact, that I refuse to link to it here because I refuse to subject people I like to that idiocy.

So, having ascertained the origins of this phrase, I’m extremely unlikely to ever use it again. I feel dumber for having watched that video, and I refuse to give the impression that I thought it was funny by ever uttering the words “like a boss” again. I also don’t wish to give the impression I think anything Seth Rogan has ever been a part of is funny. Because no.

Fuck it. It quit. Like a boss.

Okay. Well, one last time then.

Audience Participation Time!

Do you say “like a boss?” If so, will you continue to use it knowing it was popularized by two of the unfunniest “comedians” in pop culture? Does anyone even watch SNL anymore?

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75 Comments on Like A Boss?

  1. I nicked *bossnods* off Laura, except she puts it differently. I like that 🙂

    Maybe it has more (or shoultg have more) to do with the ‘bosses’ at the end of comupter game levels.


  2. I’ve never heard the phrase “like a boss.” I’ve heard “like THE boss” — as in Springsteen.

    But now I will date myself. When I was in grammar school, folks would say “that’s BOSS! This was some years before “cool” and after “neat-o.”

    I hate being old. But I do like my boss …


  3. Tell us how you really feel. Love it! : )


  4. “the people smart enough to be bosses are also smart enough to know they don’t want the responsibility that comes with it, so the idiots get promoted.”

    All the yesses in the universe couldn’t come out of my mouth to agree more.

    And now I never want to say “Like a boss” again. Although… it could be talking about a boss monster…like King Koopa in Super Mario Brothers. Okay, I changed my mind. I’m going with that theory. Like a boss. (But like King Koopa and not my actual job boss.)


  5. Very clear and funny ta boot. : )


  6. I -Bossnod- quite frequently…but I also have enjoyed the management positions I have been in. That being said, I now understand that I am perhaps more odd than I thought.

    But I rock as a manager.


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  7. I like to throw out ‘like a boss’ in public while the kids are around. I embarrass the shit out of them… like a boss.


    • I can’t bring myself to embarrass my kids since I remember how my parents did it to me. I probably should, but I just can’t.


  8. Never knew it came from SNL. I don’t really watch live TV and never bothered to catch the Hulu of it, so count me in the not a watcher list. I always thought the expression was in reference to Bruce Springsteen, lol.


  9. Ha– I’ve never thought about it, but it’s so true. Of course if I say “like a boss,” meaning MY actual boss then it’s like saying “like a 60 year old man who lives like a druid but drives a BMW.” So that’s confusing.


  10. I love to be a boss, actually. And people (including contractors) come back to work me so I can’t be all that bad…right!?

    I’m doubtful that expression came from SNL…I think it’s been around a lot longer than that?


  11. SNL hasn’t been funny since the 70’s? C’mon, don’t be a cynic.


  12. I can honestly say that I have never used the phrase and it’s because I didn’t understand the why behind it either. Thanks for doing all the research for me!!
    I’m lucky to have an awesome boss. He’s fair, kind, smart and has a ton of common sense. He also is a husband and father to three girls. Poor guy–our entire team is comprised of him and 5 women. He handles it well. Like a boss 😉


  13. And…my last sentence just made my first one a lie! Nothing like messing up in front of friends 🙂

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  14. I’ve been living under a rock….I’ve never even heard that phrase. Sigh….I really do work too much. (very unlike a boss)


  15. I’d admit. I have used the term. How frequently. Don’t ask. How frequently have I actually watched SNL? Hmm when was the last time I played runescape? About a few years ago. I think why people think its funny is because of its stupidity. Although I admit it has it moments but most of the time the jokes are lame or unfunny. Hell, I miss watching mad tv and dave chappelle show (censored version).


    • I wasn’t very impressed with the few episodes of Madd TV I did see, but there was a one segment called “You know what I hate?” that had me in stitched.

      Chappelle Show was good while it lasted.

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      • Yes it was a good show. As for MadTV the last series finale was bad. When I mean by bad I mean by turn off the tv and go to bed bad.


  16. That phrase sucks ass like a boss…

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  17. I miss out on so much pop culture – I hadn’t even heard the phrase before now. Consequently I’ve never used it. i’ve spent more time as boss than not and honestly, I don’t think the few extra dollars are worth the headaches. And in most organizations (at least in trucking) the middle managers are on call 24/7. I’d rather be the driver..


  18. Heh, I remember saying boss…my hairdresser says like a boss, like commented above, only around his kids, and only when they are with friends. It makes kids glare.


  19. How sad is it that the Andy Sandberg song immediately popped into my head when you said the word “boss”?


  20. I’ve never said that and now never will. 🙂 Now, if you were to say, like THE Boss then I would think that you are “all that”. He just turned 65 today, btw.


  21. That is a phrase we don’t use in this part of the world…. so no I generally don’t use it. 😉


  22. Kristi Campbell - findingninee // September 24, 2014 at 10:44 am // Reply

    I don’t use it. I actually like my current boss though. Is that weird? My last one was enough of a prick for all of eternity though. F’real.


    • I don’t normally, either, but I know people who do. And it’s a ridiculously over-used phrase in memes. So I wondered…

      You’re lucky to have a cool boss. I wish I had one…


  23. It’s not that we hate our bosses. Human beings don’t like being lorded over and controlled. That’s the thing people have wrong about wealth. Wealth isn’t a mansion or a pair of $600 shoes. Wealth is FREEDOM from being lorded over and controlled. And being in the position of controlling someone is unnatural and discomforting.


  24. I must be really out of touch – not only do I not use the phrase, I’ve never even heard anyone use it! Maybe it’s a generational thing? Or an American thing?


  25. It’s not really a thing here in the UK. Thank goodness.


  26. I hate it myself, but associate it with all of the terms that have been used over the years that don’t make sense when thought about. “That’s cool” and “that’s hot” mean the same thing. “That’s bad” means good. Sharp, smooth, slick… all the same thing. I think in some certain instances, people use those terms to give good meaning to bad words.


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