two faced trooper

two-faced – (adjective) deceitful; insincere; hypocritical

Written by the one and only Hasty (with small contributions from this dude named TD).

A demon lurks in public spaces
A heinous beast with two faces
Lovely in public, evil in private
Hijacking emotions just like a pirate

Architect of intricate deception
Misleading colorer of perception


A spinner of fantastical tales
Knocking wind out of passing sails
Stripping foes of their confidence
By poking fun of their competence

Weaver of elaborate lies
Fiendish devil in disguise


Mapping lies like vacation spots
Weaving opinions into hangman knots
Creating plot points with dramatic brutality
A magician turning fictions into reality

Sow discord and chaotic drama
Create rifts and inflict trauma


Two different truths this demon conveys
Causing close friends to part ways
Friend turns to foe, a bitter divorce
While the demon laughs, devoid of remorse

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Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Always genuine.

12 Comments on Two-Faced

  1. Hasty is great hey? Good job the two of you…..

    I happen to hate that particular demon, he really sucks.


  2. Poetry, schmoetry. That’s rap.


  3. Ouch. I’ve known one like that. Good job.


  4. There you go again making me out to be amazing or something 🙂 Thank you for always writing with me!


  5. Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    Duet with one of my favorite Dudes 🙂 I love how you made it look TD!


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