Fires rage deep within
Enticing me to commit sin
Fear, anger, lies, and hate
Boil inside, accumulate

Not a damn thing’s going right
Tunnel’s ended but no light
Demons take me down below
Feed the dark and let it grow

I need to lash out, but I’m afraid
So I don this masquerade
Don’t want to lose my fucking mind
So I do my best to keep you blind

I’m very tempted to renew
Awful habits I’ve eschewed
But I can’t go down that road
So I sit here and implode

Why can’t things fall into place?
Why endure this fall from grace?
No help for me to be found
So I’m rammed into the ground

Why can’t help come when I call?
Why can’t I prevent my fall?
Always there’s a plunge back down
Always water in which to drown

Fuck life and its calamities
I’m tired of living on my knees
Fed up with this acute frustration
This endless self assassination

In response to today’s Daily Prompt. Comments closed. I am in a dark, dark place today. Please do not email me, message me, or call me. I have been overtaken with anger and do not want to utter something I’ll regret. I am going outside as soon as I publish this, and I’m going to walk until my legs fall off or this dark energy is spent.