Isn’t that what a doctor does?

Editor’s Note: I have over three years worth of material from my old blog. I have decided to begin reposting some of that old material since most of my current audience wasn’t around during those times. I’m starting with this piece, because it is one of the most important things for you to understand here. There is a certain form to concurring, and this piece will explain it.

Originally posted on January 2, 2013…

Many, many years ago, in a retail store far, far away…  I was at work.  And it sucked.  But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about.  I’m at work now and it sucks.  Some things never change.

Anyhow, a coworker and I were discussing…something.  I don’t remember the exact subject matter of our conversation, but the coworker expressed an opinion on something with which I agreed, so I said, “I concur.”

Then, a really, really dumb blonde (is there any other kind?) coworker who happened to overhear our conversation interrupted us with this gem:  “Concur?  Isn’t that something a doctor does?”


“Yes,” I quipped, “only a doctor can concur.  Didn’t you know I run a lucrative medical practice during the day and only moonlight as a destitute retail worker?”

Here’s your sign.

That line is one of the most unintentionally hilarious lines I have ever heard. Evidently, someone had seen Catch Me If You Can one too many times.

From that moment on those in the know (you are now a part of this fortuitous group) always ensure the statement, “I concur,” is dutifully followed with, “like a doctor.”  In fact, if you are in the know, it is mandatory that you concur only like a doctor.

concur doctor

So you have you mission, oh faithful readers.  When somebody concurs, it is your mandate to ensure they do so just like a doctor.  Go forth, and spread the word.

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80 Comments on Isn’t that what a doctor does?

  1. I love this on many, many levels…


  2. Nice mandate, but as a natural blonde I am glaring at you.


  3. Did you concur like a doctor? If not, then you’re doing it wrong.


  4. TwinDaddy, I do believe that you have concurred with me from time to time. As a dirty blonde (get your mind out of the gutter, you know what the term means and if you don’t all I have to say is “I concur”) I resent the implication that we are all dumb.

    And so I am pretty sure a group glare is facing you right now.


  5. That’s a mandate I can get on board with.


  6. Damn! That was funny. In my old role, I’d send weekly reports for approval and the guy would respond I concur instead of approved. Every single week. It would have taken every ounce of restraint not to email respond “like a doctor” after reading this. I’d find a way to work it into a convo though.


  7. This is brilliant! I concur, like a doctor.


  8. The Triple Face Palm is hilarious! I would of course concur (like a doctor) that it sums the whole scene up very nicely.


  9. OH! So THAT’S why you do it. It all makes perfect sense now! Glad you filled us in.


  10. So, do old people like me who’ve gone (nearly) white rather than blonde get to concur like a doctor or do we have to concur like a dentist or, worse, a hairdresser?


  11. haha, now i see.


  12. Couple of things. I’m a blonde, and I’m not dumb. Well, not all of the time. But on everything else, I concur…like a doctor. I will use this every time. Scouts honor. Blonde’s honor.


  13. I am SO glad I began concurring before it required a medical degree! Phew.


  14. -Bossnod- Like a boss… 😀 Love this.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I occasionally concur like a mofo. Does that count?


  16. And there was me thinking it was something off telly! Just goes to show, sometimes real life is funnier than script 😀 That’s a BRILLIANT story 🙂


  17. Now you post that, after I used the word! Speaking of doctor, how did your appt go today?


  18. I concur…… Like a doctor 🙂


  19. What I find difficult now is to not add “like a doctor” when concurring in places where trying to explain this post would a) take longer than there is time available and b) make me look even more barking mad than I already am.


  20. Even though I was around to concur the first time, I wholeheartedly concur, like a doctor, that concurring a second time is absolutely brilliant

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