Watered Down Apology

Stormtrooper_wallpaper_by_inmobilusWritten by Serins and TD

Ice cold water down my spine
Stripped bare and naked
Fuck you I’m not fine!

Judgement fills your vacant eyes
Raging hatred undisguised
You will never understand
Demons cave not to demands

Cold eyes
Deathly stare
Do you think I actually care?

I’m tired of your thoughtless action
My worth to you reduced to fractions
Bitter words incite a chain reaction


Tears erupting
Thought disrupting
Furious storm
This is the norm

You choke my heart!
Bleed me to death?
What the fuck have I done?
This isn’t fun!

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17 Comments on Watered Down Apology

  1. I kind-of didn’t want to hit like on this. -Hugs- Very well written though.


  2. new format of poem…nice…but a bit sad..


  3. *curls lip* No good feelings here. Good writing, that’s all.


  4. Dr Seuss, the darker years? Also, fuck feelings. Sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

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